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Smoother Streaming with BBR | Labs
BBR はもう有効でいいのかもね。
network  tcp  performance 
yesterday by summerwind
Optimizing HTTP/2 prioritization with BBR and tcp_notsent_lowat
うーん、これは分かりやすい。バッファと輻輳が h2 の優先度よりも下のレイヤーに存在すると。
cloudflare  http2  tcp  performance 
yesterday by summerwind
sinasamavati/condor: A minimal library for building scalable TCP servers in Erlang
A minimal library for building scalable TCP servers in Erlang - sinasamavati/condor
erlang  tcp  server 
5 days ago by geetarista
On the (un)reliability of plain tcp syslog… – Rainer Gerhards
There is a subtle, yet important problem with plain tcp syslog. It is a very simple protocol and it works without any app-level acknowledgment. Well, “why care”, you may say “we have the TCP ack”. That, of course is right, but that low-level ack won’t help you in all cases. The TCP ack is fine while everything goes well. But if the connection breaks, there is no mechanism in TCP that tells the sender immediately. In fact, “not immediately” actually is “after [2] hours” (and only if you have keep...
tcp  ack  syslog  networking  details 
14 days ago by hellsten
using custom TCP/IP stacks to assist bypassing UTM firewalls
custom  TCP  IP  stack  software  evasion  exfiltration  security  hacking  pentesting 
15 days ago by asteroza
A minimal TCP Client in C | OpsTips
Go through the steps and syscalls involved in creating a TCP client using C.
c  tcp  client 
19 days ago by ianweatherhogg

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