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201808 - apenwarr
Un pacchetto da aggiungere ad un router per ottenere la migliore distribuzione dei pacchetti TCP in upstream. CAKE
openwrt  tcp  router 
21 hours ago by microspino
A little bump in the wire that makes your Internet faster | apenwarr
"This approach just feels more magical, because you'll have a physical box that produces negative latency."

Fat flows fill big buffers and then thin flows get stuck behind them, so install a speed bump that keeps track of the different flows (Flow Queueing), puts the thin ones at the head of the line, and throttles the fat ones so the problem doesn't just move to upstream routers/buffers (Controlled Delay).
AveryPennarun  networking  queues  tcp  openwrt 
6 days ago by torbiak
Network Analysis: TCP Window Size
Tony Fortunato demonstrates how to track TCP window size to troubleshoot network performance issues.
9 days ago by jordan23jy
OpenFastPath is an open source implementation of a high performance TCP/IP stack that provides features that network application developers need to cope with today’s fast-paced network.
networking  tcp  performance 
12 days ago by mpm

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