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White City House | Members Club & Hotel in London
White City House is a members’ club and hotel in West London. See website for more details »
9 weeks ago by tonys
Adobe CTO leads company’s broad AI bet
"It’s actually a classic software platform play, whether the service involves AI or not. Every cloud company from Box to Salesforce has been exposing their services for years, letting developers take advantage of their expertise so they can concentrate on their core knowledge. They don’t have to worry about building something like storage or security from scratch because they can grab those features from a platform that has built-in expertise and provides a way to easily incorporate it into applications.

The difference here is that it involves Adobe’s core functions, so it may be intelligent auto cropping and smart tagging in Adobe Experience Manager or AI-fueled visual stock search in Creative Cloud. These are features that are essential to the Adobe software experience, which the company is packaging as an API and delivering to developers to use in their own software."
artificial  intelligence  cloud  developer  enterprise  tc  adobe  sensei  apis 
10 weeks ago by jonerp
networking:netem [Linux Foundation Wiki]
Some relatively complete docs on tuning Linux to artificially slow traffic.
linux  netem  tc  networking  performance  testing  latency 
10 weeks ago by rcrowley

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