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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Ellie Kemper talks season 3
I think every character is doing that. With this season, I know that Kimmy is still coming to terms with the fact that she can’t save the world, she can’t fix everything, and that there are shades of gray. There isn’t always a right thing to do and a wrong thing to do. I think that’s very hard for her because she’s a tenacious, driven, smart person who wants to promote good and make everything bright, and she can’t do that. There’s an episode I love where she’s taking a philosophy class and she’s trying to figure out what is right, what is wrong. She’s basically debating whether to share her story of the bunker with a very large audience. She finally decides that’s not something she has to do. She can help people in other ways. I love that because the solution that she finds is to protect herself in addition to helping other people so that she doesn’t have to be a martyr, give over all of herself entirely in order to help other people. I think that’s important for her because that’s important for any person to know that you do have to take care of yourself, to a degree, before you can help other people. That’s her whole journey so far in the show: Figuring out how to cope and how to self-soothe because she had certain coping mechanisms that got her through this time in the bunker, but I think a lot of that was bearing now and just sort of white-knuckling it. That approach isn’t going to help throughout.
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Investigative report uncovers Coca-Cola's covert attempts to influence journalists' reporting on obesity | MinnPost
The actions taken by Coca-Cola to sway journalists are, of course, reminiscent of what the tobacco industry did for years as it attempted to muddy the scientific waters —
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Fano Plane -- from Wolfram MathWorld
The two-dimensional finite projective plane over ("of order two"), illustrated above. It is a block design with , , , , and , the Steiner triple system , and the unique configuration. The incidence graph of the Fano plane is the Heawood graph.

The connectivity of the Fano plane corresponds to the order-2 two-dimensional Apollonian network.

The Fano plane also solves the transylvania lottery, which picks three numbers from the integers 1-14. Using two Fano planes we can guarantee matching two by playing just 14 times as follows. Label the graph vertices of one Fano plane by the integers 1-7, the other plane by the integers 8-14. The 14 tickets to play are the 14 lines of the two planes. Then if is the winning ticket, at least two of are either in the interval [1, 7] or [8, 14]. These two numbers are on exactly one line of the corresponding plane, so one of our tickets matches them.

The Lehmers (1974) found an application of the Fano plane for factoring integers via quadratic forms. Here, the triples of forms used form the lines of the projective geometry on seven points, whose planes are Fano configurations corresponding to pairs of residue classes mod 24 (Lehmer and Lehmer 1974, Guy 1975, Shanks 1985). The group of automorphisms (incidence-preserving bijections) of the Fano plane is the simple group of group order 168 (Klein 1870).
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Blancmange curve - Wikipedia
In mathematics, the blancmange curve is a fractal curve constructible by midpoint subdivision. It is also known as the Takagi curve, after Teiji Takagi who described it in 1901, or as the Takagi–Landsberg curve, a generalization of the curve named after Takagi and Georg Landsberg. The name blancmange comes from its resemblance to a pudding of the same name. It is a special case of the more general de Rham curve.
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