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Neues Polizeigesetz in Hessen: Der schwarz-grüne Staatstrojaner - taz.de
Unter Protest der Opposition wollen CDU und Grüne in Hessen noch diese Woche ein umstrittenes Gesetzespaket durch den Landtag bringen.
hessen  überwachung  datenschutz  taz  polizei  vs 
2 hours ago by anne_joan
Rechtsradikale Grundschullehrerin in spe: Nationale Erziehung - taz.de
Eine rechte Kommilitonin treibt Studierende der Uni Bremen um. Was tun, wenn Menschen mit völkischer Ideologie Grundschullehrer*innen werden wollen?
völkische_siedler  völkisch  lehrer  bremen  taz 
yesterday by anne_joan
App der identitären Bewegung: Rechtsextreme Scheinspielereien - taz.de
Mit „Patriot Peer“ will die identitäre Bewegung rechte Aktivist*innen per Smartphone vernetzen. Bald könnte die App fertig sein.
taz  identitäre_bewegung  app  nazis 
12 days ago by anne_joan
Verbindungen im Bundestag: Aufbruchszeit für die Burschen - taz.de
Bis vor Kurzem galten Burschenschaften und Korporierte als politisch erledigt in Deutschland. Nun steigt ihr Einfluss wieder – dank der AfD.
AfD  burschenschaft  taz 
12 days ago by anne_joan
and there will be no more sorrows in the worlds to come - anonymousAlchemist - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Here is the thing of it: everything lasts and everything dies and fuck the world and everything it is becoming, here you are, John says to his world, here is the terror of existence, here is pain and fear and love and passion and here it is again, over and over and over and here we are, John say-scream-sings the world. Here we are, becoming.
moody  characterstudy  taz  1-5k  author:anonymousalchemist 
14 days ago by thatdamneddame
Bury the Lead - Chapter 1 - marywhale - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Taako’s senior year at Neverwinter High could be going better. Faced with a choice between joining the school’s floundering newspaper or being expelled, he opts for a career in journalism.

Lucretia, the paper’s editor, kind of wishes he'd gone the other way.
author:maryewhale  barry/lup  taako/Kravitz  !au  highschool!au  taz 
15 days ago by thatdamneddame
Neonazi-Aufmarsch in Goslar: Fiasko in der „Reichsbauernstadt“ - taz.de
Tausende demonstrieren in Goslar gegen einen rechtsextremen Aufmarsch. Ihnen steht ein klägliches Häufchen Neonazis gegenüber.
tddz  nazis  demo  taz  goslar 
18 days ago by anne_joan
Wizard of Fortune - patchworkgirl - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Even elves get old eventually. Taako discovers he's got more than one goddess's attention as the end nears.

Days in the life of Taako, Emissary of the Lady of Fate
taz  postcanon  gen 
22 days ago by thatdamneddame
what can the harvest hope for - lagaudiere - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
The book shudders violently in his hands, then. It's a signal that only means one thing; that he has a new, powerful target, one he can't ignore.

Kravitz opens it and, very quietly, swears. Then he summons his scythe and goes to track down the man who used to be the hunger.


Taako rebuilds his brand. John sulks his way through the afterlife. Kravitz is the arbiter of life and death, but that doesn't mean he's good at making decisions.
author:lagaudier  postcanon  taz  taako/Kravitz 
23 days ago by thatdamneddame
Like an Open Book - goodnicepeople - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Angus has a Big Thought then, which is not uncommon for Angus, who is always chasing thoughts. But this one follows as such:

He is alone.
author:goodnicepeople  taz  ficlet  angus&taako 
25 days ago by thatdamneddame
Taako and Hurley's Maximum Fun Drive - detectivelion - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Hurley and Sloane face off. Magnus is a human wrecking ball. Barry's pretty hot when he's using the dark magicks. Kravitz does like one (1) cool thing. Angus probably legally shouldn't be here. Taako's here for the gold. Lup is gonna take him down.

Or: Upon reuniting with an old friend (presumed dead, apparently a lesbian plant now), Taako gets the gang together for a high speed road trip.
taz  friendship  author:detectivelion 
26 days ago by thatdamneddame
Angus McDonald and the Flight of the Flying V - Chapter 1 - anonymous_moose - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
They've come a long way, but even ten years after the world was saved, they're still not quite where they should be. A whim, a missing painting, and a handful of near-death experiences help a flip wizard and his apprentice bridge the gap.

Taako does his best. Angus takes some risks. Introductions are made, bonds are tested, and lessons are learned — better late than never.

[YUP found family after]
casefic  gen  taako/Kravitz  taz  angus&taako  author:anonymous_moose  yesplease 
26 days ago by thatdamneddame
Brothers - Chapter 1 - anonymous_moose - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
When you spend a hundred years with six other people, you come to know and care for them all in very different ways. Different words applied to different kinds of feeling, each no lesser than the others. Friends, family, comrades-in-arms, father-figures and true loves -- a web of unbreakable bonds tying seven people together. But there was only ever one word that applied to Taako and Magnus. (A collection of short, stand-alone vignettes.)
taz  friendship  gen  author:anonymous_moose  ficlet 
26 days ago by thatdamneddame
Walls - anonymous_moose - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
The end of a raucous evening out on the town of Goldcliff takes a turn for the therapeutic. Taako is honest for once. Kravitz confesses a fear. A promise is made, and kept.
taz  taako/Kravitz  author:anonymous_moose  1-5k  establishedrelationship 
26 days ago by thatdamneddame
One Unenchanted Evening - anonymous_moose - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Rooming with Reclaimers ain't easy, especially when they don't follow proper protocol. Taako is rudely interrupted. Magnus is all about justice. Kravitz would like some more wine, please.
taz  gen  friendship  1-5k  author:anonymous_moose 
26 days ago by thatdamneddame

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