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Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about the "Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera" - and instantly there are around 300,000 other articles linking to it!
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yesterday by pigsonthewing
Annif - tool for automated subject indexing and classification
Feed Annif a controlled vocabulary (subject headings, thesaurus or classification) and existing metadata - Annif then knows how to assign subjects for new documents!

Annif is built upon a combination of existing natural language processing and machine learning tools including Maui, fastText and Gensim. It is designed to be multilingual and it can support any subject vocabulary (in SKOS or a simple TSV format). It can be used either via a command-line interface or a microservice-style REST API. It also comes with a mobile web app that can analyse physical documents such as printed books.
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7 days ago by stacker
A specialist’s audit of aggregated occurrence records
Data quality for three different aggregations of millipede occurrence records.
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8 days ago by jar
TextRazor -- text classification service
text classification and subject code taxonomies
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8 days ago by tswaterman
IPTC Media Topic - subject codes for news
IPTC standard taxonomy for news subject classification
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8 days ago by tswaterman
eContext - classification service
eContext does text classification - training, classifying, taxonomy definition, etc.
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8 days ago by tswaterman
IPTC newscodes
tree view of the IPTC news taxonomy subject hierarchy
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8 days ago by tswaterman
Down with the type-cult!
This paper, from 1929, is quite stupid since it sets up a straw man - it misses and misstates the purpose of types. But as a study of the psychology of taxonomists (and more generally: humans and the social dynamics of naming systems), I find it to be pretty interesting.

Psyche 36:228 - 36-228.pdf
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9 days ago by jar

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