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The Responsive Network (Part 3/3) – Citymapper – Medium
The Responsive Network is INFRASTRUCTURE. We can provision mobility anywhere transportation is lacking, or needs additional capacity. Unlike cabs, which are free to roam, our technology can commit supply to an area or a time of day, at more accessible prices. Unlike buses, which are stuck on a fixed route, our network can support an entire coverage area. Unlike metros, which take years to build, we can get going quickly.
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11 hours ago by dancall
Citymapper launches bus-taxi hybrid Smart Ride in London | Technology | The Guardian
The Smart Ride service will run eight-seater people-carriers driven by licensed private hire drivers, operating in a fixed network that spans the city.
Ashtari said: “It’s a bit like a bus because it has stops, it’s a bit like a cab because you book it and it has guaranteed seats, and it’s a bit like a metro because it has a network of roads.”
Citymapper had hoped to be able to offer similar flexibility with larger buses, the company said, but was ultimately stymied by London regulations that restrict the size of vehicles licensed as private hire vehicles.
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15 hours ago by dancall
Nissan and DeNA will begin testing a self-driving taxi service in Japan next month | TechCrunch
Nissan Motor and DeNA announced today that field tests of Easy Ride, the self-driving taxi service they developed together, will begin next month in Japan. This means that Nissan and DeNA now rank among Uber, Lyft, GM, Didi Chuxing and other companies pioneering self-driving taxi pilots, with the goal of launching commercially within the next few years.

DeNA is a Tokyo-headquartered online services company that is probably best known outside of Japan for a partnership with Nintendo that has produced mobile games like “Fire Emblem Heroes.” Its other services, however, encompass a wide range of verticals, including e-commerce, entertainment, healthcare, social networking and automotive tech. Two years ago, DeNA launched its first production vehicles with French autonomous vehicle company EasyMile, which are used to provide a driverless shuttle service called Robot Shuttle in Japanese cities.
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15 hours ago by dancall
Bad Bus (Part 2/3) – Citymapper – Medium
The first generation of transport tech has often given cities a headache. This makes it hard for other players to engage in a meaningful manner.
This is bad for the future of collaborations between the public and private sector. Transit agencies and bus operators run bus systems, but don’t always have the right capabilities for software and data analytics.
cities  uber  automotive  taxi  fail  partnerships 
2 days ago by dancall
The Gender Earnings Gap in the Gig Economy: Evidence from over a Million Rideshare Drivers
‘Cody Cook, Rebecca Diamond, Jonathan Hall John A. List, and Paul Oyer, January 2018’
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16 days ago by aidan
Las Vegas downtown self-driving shuttle review
Reporting on #driverless #autonomous #bus shuttle in #Las Vegas #Transit
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16 days ago by csrollyson
RT : Panacea is a top company. Our mobile developers serving readymade booki…
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20 days ago by ormg
Taxi Fabric
Colaboração entre designers e taxis, onde se criam estampas esclusivas para transformar os taxis.
taxi  mumbai  india  design 
28 days ago by laisk
Via Captures Business Travel Ridesharing Trend |
Many cities have bus systems, but they’re not always well-utilized by the majority of residents. The city of Arlington, Texas, located just outside Dallas, for example, had a single bus route — and discovered that most of its riders were students at the University of Texas branch there.

So, late last year, Arlington voted to end the route and replaced it with a ridesharing service in December. Like a few communities in the U.S., Arlington went with Via, a technology developer and provider of dynamic on-demand shared rides, to provide the network technology.

Using the Via technology, riders in Arlington are able to get a seat in one of 10 six-passenger vans roving city streets for a $3 fare. Riders who don’t have a smartphone can use a dial-in phone number, which is available in addition to the app.
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28 days ago by dancall
RT : L'appli offre une alternative éthique à Uber avec 0 % de commission 🚖0⃣
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4 weeks ago by colinux
Lyft Expands Concierge Service; Reports Growth |
Lyft, the ride-hailing startup that is competing against Uber, announced Tuesday (Jan. 16) that it is expanding its Lyft Concierge service, which it rolled out with select partners last year, to businesses of all sizes.

In a blog post, Lyft said the service was originally introduced to help individuals get rides to important appointments, and then expanded to help businesses like JetBlue, CareMore, and GoGoGrandparent get rides for their employees and customers. Now, Lyft Concierge is being offered to all types of organizations. With the service, companies will be able to access real-time ride tracking, reduce the cost of transportation and have access to support 24 hours a day.
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5 weeks ago by dancall
Bell Air Taxi Concept Experience at CES 2018
Pod design for a VTOL air taxi, but absolutely no shots of the pod carrier or propulsion. Likely a multicopter, possibly a tiltrotor.
bell  helicopter  air  taxi  VTOL  pod  carrier  general  aviation  vehicle  transportation 
6 weeks ago by asteroza

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