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SEABUBBLES: electric water taxi
We open waterways for everybody, all around the world, by creating a new way to move people on waterways at car speed, for the price of a regular cab, with no impact on the environment nor on the cities’s infrastructure.Think James Bond car, available for everybody, but with zero wave, zero noise, zero CO2 emission.
transportation  green  energy  water  taxi  vehicle 
2 days ago by cyberchucktx
Cargo partners with Snapchat, SnackNation for LA rollout | Mobile Marketer
Cargo, an in-car commerce platform for rideshare vehicles, partnered with Snapchat and SnackNation for its rollout in Los Angeles. Passengers in Cargo-equipped cars can order products and snacks by using Snapchat to scan a Snapcode printed on a Cargo box, according to a press release shared with Mobile Marketer.
Red Bull, RxBar protein bars, Matcha Lip Balm by Winky Lux, SmartyPants Vitamins and snacks selected by SnackNation are among the products that ride-hailing passengers can buy in transit. Riders can also unlock special Snapchat Lenses from Cargo brands while browsing the box's inventory.
snapchat  taxi  retail  partnerships  payment 
7 days ago by dancall
How China's tech giants are throwing billions at AI
While China has plenty of artificial intelligence startups, its bevy of big-name tech giants are the true pioneers – they’re the ones slipping cutting-edge AI into virtually all their product lines. Here’s the scene as it stands right now.
apac  ai  tencent  alibaba  casestudies  taxi 
7 days ago by dancall
Grab raises $1b from Toyota
Grab announced today that it is receiving US$1 billion in fresh investment from Toyota as part of an ongoing funding round led by the Japanese auto giant.
The Singapore-based company said the funding will help it “create a more efficient transport network that will ease traffic congestion in Southeast Asia’s megacities, make mobility accessible for all, and provide driver-partners with increased income opportunities.”
apac  deals  partnerships  automotive  taxi 
7 days ago by dancall
Mandeep on Twitter: "From the 1940s to 2014, taxi medallions had been a better investment than any other conventional investment. My father also saw this first hand through the growth in value of his friends' medallions that were purchased in the early '9
From the 1940s to 2014, taxi medallions had been a better investment than any other conventional investment. My father also saw this first hand through the growth in value of his friends' medallions that were purchased in the early '90s
taxi  uber  medallions  investment  immigration  law 
21 days ago by levleviev
Daimler Invests In Ride-Hailing Startup Taxify |
Daimler, the German carmaker that owns Mercedes-Benz, has acquired a stake in Taxify, the ride-booking startup, in a round of fundraising that gives Taxify a valuation of greater than $1 billion.

The Financial Times reported that Taxify, which is based in Estonia and has China’s Didi Chuxing among its investors, raised $175 million, with Daimler taking part in the round. The proceeds of the fundraising are expected to be used to expand the business beyond the 40 cities in Europe and Africa where it currently operates, reported the Financial Times. The goal is to launch in “tens of cities” during the course of the next few years and also scale the locations it is already operating in. For 2018 it anticipates it will have booked $1 billion worth of rides but will remain at a loss in a lot of its cities.
automotive  deals  taxi 
21 days ago by dancall
Professioneller ohne #überholabstand mit gewalt #überholt im |bereich +
Taxi  beleidigung  Fahrer  baustellen  from twitter_favs
23 days ago by svensonsan
Shanghai Taxi Service: Taxis, Cab and Car rental in Shanghai
Best taxi/car service in Shanghai provided by in cheap fare. Hire cab, taxis and a driver with rental car beyond to your comfort zones. Book a taxi now!
shanghai  taxi 
25 days ago by staram
Надо разобраться, но вроде дешевле яндекса
4 weeks ago by yurapekov

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