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Missouri, Kansas governors agree to end economic border war - The Kansas City Star
Missouri Gov. Mike Parson and Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly on Tuesday celebrated what they said is an end to the longstanding economic border war and pledged to usher in a new era of cooperation between the two states, whose rivalry spans more than a century.
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NJ lawmakers back idea of tax deal with border states - NJBIZ
Some top Democratic legislators are endorsing the notion of entering into a so-called tax break truce with New York and Pennsylvania to keep the neighboring states from using such incentives to poach businesses from one another.
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Amazon reveals the truth on why it nixed NY and chose Virginia for HQ2 – Now Online News
Amazon says its abrupt decision in February to pull out of a deal to build part of its giant second headquarters in Long Island City, Queens, was not about politics, despite speculation to the contrary.
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Where Are Reshoring Manufacturers Opening Plants? - National Real Estate Investor
Availability of skilled labor and local tax incentives are some of the deciding factors for manufacturers’ site selection.
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Three Amazon businesses identified as HQ2 bound - Washington Business Journal
We’re still a pretty long way from knowing what the estimated 25,000 workers at Inc.’s second headquarters will do, but a top company executive has named three units that will be represented in Arlington: Alexa, Amazon Web Services and Amazon's consumer division.
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USDA move to KC angers workers, but may signal bigger change - The Kansas City Star
For USDA researcher Andrew Crane-Droesch, a cross-country move from the nation’s capital to Kansas City is out of the question.
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Opinion: Volvo a Big Win for Western Virginia - Bacon's Rebellion
This is a huge win for Western Virginia, which has seen its manufacturing sector devastated by globalization and automation over the past three decades. The investment comes with a price for Virginia taxpayers, of course, but the subsidy seems modest compared to the magnitude of the project.
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Here's when TIFs can and should be - Crains Chicago
Tax-increment financing can be an effective tool to promote economic development, but only in a limited number of circumstances and only when used properly.
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2019 Gold & Silver Shovel Awards: Recipients Garnered Large Job-Creating and Investment Projects in Diverse Industries - Area Development
While e-commerce was creating thousands of jobs across the nation last year, high-profile, diverse projects in the manufacturing, information technology, financial services, energy, and other sectors were also making news.
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Misperceptions of the Role Economic Incentives Play in the Site Selection Process - Site Selection Group
In response to the recent media attention on the site selection industry mischaracterizing site selectors and economic incentives, Site Selection Group’s blog this month illuminates the proper site selection process and use of economic incentives.
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Meet the Fixers Pitting States Against Each Other to Win Tax Breaks for New Factories - WSJ
A cadre of powerful consultants known as the ‘Guild’ is helping companies decide where to build their latest projects. Hunting trips, ski slopes and NFL locker rooms are part of the gig.
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How to Attract Startups and Tech Companies to a City Without Relying on Tax Breaks - HBR
Startup ecosystems are the key to growing a vibrant regional economy. Time and time again, these clusters of talent and science drive job creation, new business formation, and attract investment capital. Ultimately, these are the elusive ingredients that lead to greater prosperity and equity in our communities.
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Lawyer Reaping Millions Over Decades as a Cut of Tax Incentives - Bloomberg
Sales tax sharing agreements, involving companies like Apple Inc., QVC Inc. and Best Buy Co. Inc., have caught the attention of some state lawmakers and even the editorial board of the New York Times, who say they pit one city against another while giving money back to companies that the cities need.
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Task force scrutinizes tax incentives in Camden — and Norcross - POLITICO
The task force investigating New Jersey’s tax incentive programs presented evidence Thursday that cast doubt on whether three companies and a nonprofit that were awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks to relocate jobs to Camden really considered sending those jobs out-of-state, as they indicated in official documents.
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How to Receive Incentives for Corporate Projects - Chief Executive
Economic development incentives have been around for decades. Country-level, state, and local investment promotion authorities have long used a myriad of inducements to help achieve their objectives of attracting new jobs, increasing income, and growing the tax base through corporate projects.
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Understanding the Evolving Incentives Landscape - Area Development
Despite controversy, economic development incentives will certainly continue to be a critical part of any corporate location decision.
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Foxconn Tore Up a Small Town to Build a Big Factory—Then Retreated - WSJ
The iPhone maker got fat incentives to build a $10 billion LCD plant that largely hasn’t materialized on land where Mount Pleasant, Wis., razed homes and crops
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