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A guide for local (parish and town) councils and principal local authorities
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14 hours ago by mja
Greens agree ‘compromise’ with NDP on speculation tax changes
"• for all revenues from the tax to be spent on affordable housing projects in the affected regions: Nanaimo-Lantzville, the Capital Regional District, Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and Kelowna-West Kelowna. The statement said, “This will ensure residents of those areas will be able to see the benefits of the tax in their own communities.”"
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yesterday by pacpost
Inequality, not a higher tax on multimillion-dollar properties, is what’s causing division in Vancouver | The Star
"Vancouver homeowners pay some of the lowest property tax rates in Canada. Due to dramatic increases in property values and Vancouver’s mill-rate system, the actual residential property tax rate in Vancouver has decreased in recent decades, from 1.2 per cent in 1988 to 0.25 per cent in 2018. While a home worth $1 million pays $4,673 annually in Toronto, a $1-million home in Vancouver pays only $2,555. Even after incorporating the additional school surtax on homes worth over $3 million, Toronto property taxes still come out higher.

These low property tax rates have contributed to rampant real-estate speculation and a surge in home prices in Vancouver — key drivers of the affordability crisis, homelessness and low- and modest-income residents being pushed out of the city."
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3 days ago by pacpost

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