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In praise of cultural elitism | The Spectator
"We have become so tolerant of each other’s taste that taste no longer matters."
culture  crticism  reviews  taste  aesthetics 
7 weeks ago by tsuomela
How to Think About Your Life's Work | Scott H Young
What does it mean to get "better" at creative work? Cultivate your own sense of taste, and then use that to drive the work you create.
work  creativity  taste  improvement  art  5star 
10 weeks ago by lightningdb
Aesthetics - Wikipedia
Aesthetics, or esthetics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of art, beauty and taste, and with the creation or appreciation of beauty.
aesthetics  art  design  beauty  taste  judgment  sentiment  emotion  mind  brain  consciousness 
12 weeks ago by javagar
Wikipedia - Ethyl methylphenylglycidate
"Ethyl methylphenylglycidate, commonly known as strawberry aldehyde, is an organic compound used in the flavor industry in artificial fruit flavors, in particular strawberry."

trying to remember this strawberry scented, grey thing from childhood
strawberry  Wikipedia  scent  taste  aroma  fragrance  liquid  artificial  flavor  cosmetics  perfume  soap  detergent  pharmaceutical  bakedgoods  candy  icecream  Superbrown 
august 2019 by cosmic
New Coke Didn’t Fail. It Was Murdered. – Mother Jones
"Far from the dud it’s been made out to be, New Coke was actually delicious—or at least, most people who tried it thought so. Some of its harshest critics couldn’t even taste a difference. It was done in by a complicated web of interests, a mixture of cranks and opportunists—a sugar-starved mob of pitchfork-clutching Andy Rooneys, powered by the thrill of rebellion and an aggrieved sense of dispossession. At its most fundamental level, the backlash wasn’t about New Coke at all. It was a revolt against the idea of change. That story should sound familiar. We’re still living it."
business  food  culture  coke  marketing  taste  conservative 
august 2019 by arosner

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