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Dynamically Set Hostname in SCCM Task Sequence — Dan Letsinger
You may be in a situation where you need to dynamically set the hostname of a machine as part of your SCCM task sequence. For a zero touch deployment you'll want to use a method that requires no interaction. In my experience I've found that using the serial number of the machine provides a decent unique string. 
sccm  task  sequence  hostname 
5 days ago by vegarev
How to Auto Create a Task to Call the Contact Person Later when Flagging an Outlook Contact
When flagging a contact, some users hope to get a standard Outlook task in To-Do List instead of a flagged contact. Now, in this article, we will introduce a method to let Outlook auto create a task for call the contact person later when flagging a contact.
Auto  Create  a  Task  to  Call  Contact  corrupt  PST  Flag  Follow  Up  Outlook 
12 days ago by DataNumen

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