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SUPERB ANTIQUE KASHMIRI Crewel Embroidered Persian Hunting Scene Tapestry - $795.00 | PicClick
Item specifics
Seller Notes: “EXCELLENT Condition & Very RARE PERSIAN Hunting Design Tapestry! Please review the images and ask any questions.”
Size: 4x6ft. Material: Wool
Shape: Rectangle Background Color: Navy Blue
Style: Tapestry Brand:
Age: 1900-1939 Rug Type: Wall Hanging
Regional Design: Persian

Superb Antique Kashmiri Crewel Hand-Embroidered Persian Hunting Scene Tapestry Wall Hanging!

This is a very rare & highly collectible Persian hunting design with a lover's passionate poem to his future bride.

This Kashmiri Wool Tapestry is hand-embroidered in rich earth tones on a navy blue field. The tapestry depicts an amazing Persian Hunting Scene with eight men on horseback pursuing various wild animals, surrounded by plants and birds. It is simply gorgeous and will certainly beautify any wall!

The backing is made of woven, camel-colored natural fabric and...

The hand-woven scene done as crewel embroidery, or crewelwork, is a type of surface embroidery using wool. A wide variety of different embroidery stitches are used to follow a design outline applied to the fabric. The technique is at least a thousand years old.

The tapestry portrays a hunting party, perhaps a royal one. A rhymed poem consisting of four ‘bayt’ (or 'distich,' a unit of two lines of verse, or a couplet); eight ‘misra’ (one line of a couplet) appears on the margin frames on both sides of the picture.

Here is the poem's translation in English:

“Oh, my musk emanating gazelle, you’re constantly my beloved
You are the cause of my soul’s calm and my work’s progress.

I become restless when I catch no hunt
When I am restless, you bring comfort to me.

I am your hunter, how could others make you a prey?
Wherever you flee, you are eventually my hunt.

From an artist you will receive this carpet with its novel designs
Then you’ll say, “What a beautiful keepsake!”

The tapestry measures approximately: 70" x 45 ½” (178cm x 117cm); it is in excellent condition.
tapestry  persian  antique  crewel  embroidery 
october 2018 by BiteSize77
Silk Hunting Scene Vintage Qum Persian Rug For Sale at 1stdibs
Magnificent Silk Hunting Scene Vintage Qum Persian Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug, Circa Date: Mid – 20th Century
Vintage Qum Rugs – Located not far from Teheran, the city of Qum is a famous Persian pilgrimage city graced by impressive architectural monuments. But it does not, however, appear to have produced rugs before the 1920’s. Since that time though it has become known as a significant center for the manufacture of urban style rugs and carpets. The rugs of Qum tend to have allover repeat patterns of various type, especially botehs.
Qum weavers are also known for producing prayer rugs with elegant tree of life designs, as well as compartment designs derived from classical Persian garden carpets. Given their largely classical design repertory, Qum rugs tend to be finely woven with knot counts in the two hundreds and three hundreds. Forty to forty years ago Qum also became a production center for Persian all-silk rugs of exceptional fineness. Today weavings of Qum continue to be among the most respected and highly prized fine Persian rugs.

The production of Qum rugs began in the early decades of the 20th century. Qum vintage rugs are identified as such because of their historical association with the Islamic holy city of Qum, where they were originally woven. Qum itself an ancient and important city in central Persia, where it hosts a sizable permanent population in addition to a constant influx of pilgrims and other religious travelers. While vintage Qum rugs do not boast the ancient pedigree of Tabriz or Sultanabad rugs and carpets, these special and storied carpets represent a distinct style with a great deal of merit.

The Qum rugs themselves are made of a thin pile in silk and wool, as most Qum rugs are traditionally used as wall hangings. The fine materials with which Qum rugs are woven allow for weavers to draw exquisite, precise detail work throughout. Unlike traditional designs, fine Qum rugs generally feature small allover designs, and are considered an example of a city style. Vintage Persian Qum rugs are also often characterized by exceptional curve-linear lines. The color pallet most associated with Iranian Qum rugs consists of red, blue and ivory, although other colors are common as well.
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Production time
Available Now
In the Style Of
Place of origin

Date of manufacture
Mid-20th Century
Materials and techniques
Hand-Knotted Silk


W 3 ft. 3 in. x L 5 ft. 3 in.

W 99.06 cm x L 160.02 cm
Seller location
New York, NY

Seller reference number
Reference number
Persian  Tapestry 
october 2018 by BiteSize77
15 Java frameworks that give developers a boost | InfoWorld
A summary of 15 java web app frameworks. Includes: Blade, Dropwizard, Grails, GWT, JavaServer Faces, JHipster, MyBatis, Play Framework, PrimeFaces, Spark Framework, Spring Framework, Struts, Tapestry, Vaadin Flow, Vert.x and Wicket.
Java  Wicket  Web  WebApp  frameworks  framework  Vaadin  Blade  GWT  Tapestry 
april 2018 by searchmeister
Apache Tapestry
A component-oriented framework for creating highly scalable web applications in Java.
apache  web  framework  java  JVM  scala  tapestry 
april 2018 by brunsnik
JD: Glitchaus was more or less fully conceptualized back in 2001. The prepared NES graphics immediately reminded me of textile motifs. I felt then and still feel now that it is a very modern concept, that broken computer graphics can resemble both traditional and contemporary textile motifs. I felt that this was perfectly illustrated with my 2007 edition Notendo scarf. For this edition, a screen capture from the prepared NES was used for the motif which was knit pixel to stitch. The motif resembles both Navajo design and the jaggedness of houndstooth. The difference is that I created it by intentionally short­circuiting an 8bit video game.

In 2011 I settled on the name Glitchaus and established it to explore these concepts of design parallels as well as the idea that textiles can be used as a way to back up digital media. As a studio label it allows me the freedom to explore various digital techniques as both textile and surface design process.
nintendo  glitch  tapestry  fabric  scarf 
april 2018 by bezthomas
The Bayeux Tapestry
A silly but engaging tour of the famous 11th century graphic novel
bayeuxtapestry  history  hastings  1066  bayeux  tapestry 
february 2018 by nelson

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