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12 days ago by nharbour
Tabs Out | The Tape Loop Labyrinths of Justin Lakes
Making tape loops is fun. It can be frustrating at times, especially when you have lil’ sausage fingers like I do, but still fun. Think of them like ships in a bottle, but for weirdos. And in the end, you have a tape loop instead of a useless ship in a bottle. Justin Lakes, who records under the name Shredded Nerve and operates the NYC based store Thousands of Dead Gods, has taken the hobby of making tape loops and upgraded that shit to a fine art (for weirdos). Using extra (sometimes WAY extra) pinch rollers and spools, Lakes transforms cassettes from machines to contraptions with meandering paths of analog tape.
art  cassette  tape  loops 
6 weeks ago by bezthomas
Conductive Nylon Fabric 5mm Tape @ Adafruit
This Conductive Nylon tape goes great with our other interesting materials, such as copper tape, ITO glass or plastic, conductive inks, etc. We found that the metallic nylon fabric has some great improvements over plain copper tape.
adafruit  wearable  power  tape  conductive 
7 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Mixtapes — Quartz Obsession
“Cassettes and vinyl are the analogue cockroaches to the nuclear Armageddon that is digital formats.”
cassette  mix  tape 
7 weeks ago by jntolva
SAMMANHANG Wall shelf Black 80 cm - IKEA
IKEA SAMMANHANG Wall shelf Black 80 cm Perfect if you want to create a personal exhibition, and since everything is easy to reach, you can quickly change themes.
tape  cassette  storage  shelf 
8 weeks ago by ihatemornings

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