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Scramble to flee Hurricane Irma underscores rich, poor divide | Tampa Bay Times
Deborah Rosenberg, an interior designer, said she bought extra supplies to help those who work in her posh Miami home, offering them food, water and help finding shelter.

But she and her daughters won't be there. They booked a private jet Thursday so they could ride out the storm in their New York apartment. Her husband, who works in the finance industry, joined them Friday. Rosenberg acknowledged feeling uncomfortable thinking about her friends and employees.

"It's a complete contrast," she said.
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Inside Scientology | Tampa Bay Times
"Inside Scientology" is a multi-part investigative series by the <i>Tampa Bay Times</i>. Dating back to 2009, the reports shed unprecedented light on the inner workings of the secretive church, which has its spiritual headquarters in Clearwater.
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Slate covers "Manage Your Work, Manage Your Life"
Picked up by The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Huffington Post, Arizona Daily Star, Tampa Bay Times, and Buenos Aires Herald
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The Divorce From Hell, The Battle For Alimony and Emptied Pockets
&quot;Five years, four judges, six lawyers, $400,000 in attorney and expert fees and costs, a child yanked back and forth, [and] petty arguing.&quot; Chronicling the slow end of one American marriage.
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april 2013 by brendanmcfadden
Tampa Bay Times: Mystery money corrupts campaign
The next best step is for Congress to pass the Disclose Act, which would require social welfare nonprofits, businesses and unions to disclose all political contributions and expenditures of more than $10,000. Contributors who give directly to candidates and to super PACs understand they already will be publicly identified, and such disclosure should apply to the political contributions to the others as well, regardless of whether they lean Republican or Democratic.


It's bad enough that the 2012 elections are being corrupted by vast sums of money from individuals and corporations that most Americans could not fathom. It's even worse that the identity of many of those deep pocket donors will remain a mystery.
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