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natashenka | Hack those Tamagotchis!
I used voltage glitching to dump the code of the Tamagotchi Friends.
Tamagotchi  software  firmware  code 
8 weeks ago by jrsmitchell
Remember the ? Design your own version with a tutorial from Digital Maker, this version is cut…
microbit  tamagotchi  from twitter_favs
december 2017 by gmf
Declutter Your Chrome Browser Tabs or This Tamagotchi Clone Will Die
Here's a Tamagotchi clone extension for Google Chrome, that gets ill if you have too many tabs open.
chrome  extension  tamagotchi  tabs  #tw 
september 2017 by nrturner
Trolli's Facebook Messenger Bot Is a Mobile Tamagotchi Made for Millennials | Adweek
Is the future of marketing to teens automated? Today candy brand Trolli is launching a Facebook Messenger chatbot that it hopes will open up a new way to talk to millennials.
The chatbot is powered by Facebook Messenger and uses a series of interactive quizzes, GIFs and prizes to keep users playing with branded content. According to Rob Peichel, vp/group creative director at Trolli's agency Periscope, the idea is to gamify the conversations that teens are already having with their friends on messenger apps.
"Our audience and fans are deeply into messaging apps, so if you can have a conversation with Trolli, that kind of engagement is so much more valuable than just an impression," he said.
The bot uses a 10-question personality quiz to match up consumers with one of three "personalities" based on flavors of candy—dubbed "egg," "crawler" and "blast."
Each personality serves up different pieces of content. The "crawler" chatbot, for example, asks consumers to care for a virtual crawler—similar to the popular Tamagotchi toys from the '90s. The bot will push notifications to consumers via Facebook when it's time for them to feed or pet their digital creature.
FacebookMessenger  chatbots  Trolli  launch  notifications  Tamagotchi  AdWeek  2016 
july 2016 by inspiral
tamagotchi hive visualisation
tamagotchi  hive  ai  simulation  emulator 
december 2015 by radiodario

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