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Trump vs. Trump: Inside Toronto's 5-star tower struggle | Toronto Star
At Trump International Hotel and Tower, the developer is fighting Donald Trump and what it sees as a tainted brand. Trump’s management company is not going quietly.
Talon  lawsuit  local  developer  Toronto  brand  Donald_Trump 
april 2016 by tcgonline
TP-Link's Talon AD7200 is the world's first 802.11ad router
With Wi-Fi ac gaining mainstream momentum, TP-Link is looking to the future with the Talon AD7200, which is the world’s first 802.11ad router. IEEE802.11ad protocol involves addition of a new spectrum in the 57-66GHz range, in addition to the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands used by Wi-Fi ac routers today. The end-result is a boost in bandwidth to...

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The post TP-Link’s Talon AD7200 is the world’s first 802.11ad router appeared first on VR-Zone.
TP-Link’s  Talon  AD7200  is  the  world’s  first  802.11ad  router 
january 2016 by vrzone
Injector Size Calculator
Calculations for figuring out injector size for DSM and other engines
dsm  talon  injector  engine  mod  race  4g63  fuel 
january 2015 by axmx
DSM Graveyard
#1 source of old DSM parts!
dsm  talon  eclipse  laser  diamond  star  mitsubishi  plymouth  eagle  4g63  parts  car 
october 2014 by axmx
Talon Is a New Feature-Packed, Customizable Twitter App for Android
Gute Wahl neben Carbon RT @lifehacker: Need a better Twitter app for Android? Talon is a new one that's worth a look: http://t.co/LPGYBbtTpK

— Carsten Pötter (@carstenpoetter) January 20, 2014
twitter  talon 
january 2014 by cpoetter
DC Renumbers Again in September, Launches Four New Series
Filed under: DC

DC Comics' New 52 continues to evolve, with the line celebrating its first anniversary with a month full of flashback "zero issues," as well as four new series launching - including one written by the creator of Jem and the Holograms. Admit it; ... Read more 
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june 2012 by LexiD523

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