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Hope is the thing with feathers by ShanaStoryteller
Stiles is ten when he saves the Hales from their burning home and Derek from a wolfsbane bullet, and this establishes a pattern that seem to continue indefinitely.
fic  teenwolf  slash  au  derekhale  stilesstilinski  derek/stiles  slowbuild  scottmccall  laurahale  corahale  taliahale  lydiamartin  jacksonwhittemore  dannymahealani  peterhale  magic!stiles  everyonelives  author:shanastoryteller 
june 2018 by ashtree22
Play It Again by metisket
In which Stiles goes along with one of Derek’s plans and ends up in an alternate universe as a result. He should’ve known better. He did know better, actually, and that means he has no one to blame but himself.
“Laura wants to lure the kid in with food and kindness and make a pet of him, like a feral cat. Derek wants to have him arrested for stalking. They’re at an impasse. (And the rest of the family is staying emphatically out of it in a way that suggests bets have been placed.)”
fic  teenwolf  preslash  stilesstilinski  derekhale  laurahale  scottmccall  sheriffstilinski  taliahale  peterhale  ericareyes  vernonboyd  isaaclahey  angst  au  fixit  haleslive  author:metisket 
july 2017 by ashtree22
A Hale for the Holidays by rlnerdgirl
"I sent you a Christmas card that got sent back to me. Did you get a new apartment?” his dad wonders. The question is all suspicion and little anything else.

A flicker of an idea sparks. It’s not nearly formed well enough for him to say, “Yeah, actually,” and when he follows that with, “I moved in with someone,” he wants to punch himself in the face. He’s living with someone?!

“You’re living with someone?” It’s the same voice and tone as the one in Stiles’ head, just thirty years older.

Two things keep Stiles from bashing his face onto the table: there’s a steaming cup of coffee in the way and, more importantly, his dad will definitely hear. Someone passes by in front of him and a semi-familiar book cover catches his eye. “Derek Hale,” he muses, and stops. No. That wasn’t meant to be out loud.
fic  teenwolf  slash  derekhale  stilesstilinski  derek/stiles  taliahale  laurahale  lydiamartin  scottmccall  kira  kira/scott  ericareyes  vernonboyd  fakerelationship  angst  cute  author:rlnerdgirl 
february 2015 by ashtree22
But The World Won't Stop Turning by thepsychicclam
Derek gets hit by a witch's curse that sends him traveling through time. Fusion with The Time Traveler's Wife.
fic  teenwolf  slash  derek/stiles  derekhale  stilesstilinski  fusion  timetravelerswife  scottmccall  isaaclahey  corahale  taliahale  sheriffstilinski  Deaton  angst  author:thepsychicclam 
june 2014 by ashtree22
Taliahale - whatever we lose (like a you or a me)
The Wraith don’t dig graves.

As far as Stiles has been able to ascertain, they do nothing to dispose of their dead. There are no last rites, no memorials. It’s possible that the anthropologists have some theory involving warrior culture, space-faring peoples, and hibernation cycles. He thinks it’s just another indication that the Wraith aren’t people at all.
teenwolf  sga  taliahale  gen  crossover  au:human/nonmagical  career:scientists  wc:<5k 
february 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Taliahale - Navigation (Love Songs for 21st Century Cartographers) - Series WIP (Read through Story 3)
Curly Fries and Other Little Obscenities: Stiles is wandering the corridors of Stargate Command in search of caffeine and calories when he meets Major Ford.

Beneath an Unfamiliar Sky: Stiles spent the last eight days sharing a hut with his teammates and a handful of goat-like creatures on P7K-172. Dad’s going to be pissed he missed Thanksgiving.

This Is Not a War Story: Today's the day.
teenwolf  sga  sg-1  taliahale  gen  slash  mckay/sheppard  derek/stiles  crossover  au:canon  humor  fluff  team  ladies.are.awesome  family  slice.of.life  futurefic  series  wip  wc:10-20k 
february 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Let it snow! Let it snow! (but please let it stop eventually) - relenafanel - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles grew up with his bedroom window overlooking Derek's bedroom, so when he returns home for the holidays he's surprised to find a stranger in his nerdy neighbour's bedroom.

Only, he's not much of a stranger.

It is Derek Hale, the guy who is going to be his new step brother, if the rumours are true.
fic  teenwolf  au  stilesstilinski  derekhale  laurahale  sheriffstilinski  taliahale  rating:nc-17 
january 2014 by starwire
Divided We Stand by KouriArashi
Derek is being pressured by his family to pick a mate, and somehow stumbles into a choice that they didn't expect and aren't sure they approve of....
fic  teenwolf  slash  au  derek/stiles  derekhale  stilesstilinski  sheriffstilinski  taliahale  laurahale  corahale  scottmccall  allisonargent  peterhale  allison/scott  angst  kateargent  misunderstandings  bullying  packdynamics  scentmarking  author:kouriarashi 
october 2013 by ashtree22
hope is the thing with feathers by SinfulShay
Stiles is ten when he saves the Hales from their burning home and Derek from a wolfsbane bullet, and this establishes a pattern that seem to continue indefinitely.
fic  teenwolf  stilesstilinski  derek/stiles  derekhale  scottmccall  jacksonwhittemore  lydiamartin  jackson/lydia  dannymahealani  taliahale  peterhale  laurahale  corahale  sheriffstilinski  mrsmccall  au  fixit  magic!stiles  author:sinfulshay  preslash 
september 2013 by ashtree22
A Strong Heart and a Nerve of Steel by lupinus and uraneia
The one where Stiles is the president's son, Derek is his bodyguard and after a night of drunken revelry they have to pretend to be married for gay rights.
fic  teenwolf  au  derek/stiles  derekhale  stilesstilinski  scottmccall  laurahale  corahale  taliahale  drink!spiking  bodyguard!au  pretendmarriage  sheriffstilinski  author:lupinus  author:uraneia 
august 2013 by ashtree22
Fly a Little Faster by mirrorkill
Everyone knows when you go back in time, you shouldn't step on an ant, just in case you accidentally kill your own grandparent or something. But what happens when you go back in time and, uh, accidentally interrupt the one event that apparently made the Grumpiest Alpha in Town into a ball of mindless manpain?

Well, if Marty McFly can do it, so can Stiles Stilinski. All he has to do is get Derek and Paige to fall in love before he gets pulled back to his own time. And before he makes anything worse. That's easy as pie, right? Right?
fic  teenwolf  derek/stiles  derekhale  stilesstilinski  sheriffstilinski  laurahale  scottmccall  taliahale  corahale  lydiamartin  timetravel  episoderelated  author:mirrorkill  preslash 
july 2013 by ashtree22
Around the Bend by lupinus and uraneia
The one where Stiles is a yoga instructor at Derek's family's gym and he thinks Derek is a homophobic dick.
TeenWolf  sterek  yogainstructor!Stiles  personaltrainer!Derek  explicit  postkate  AU  HalePack  yoga  TaliaHale  LauraHale  crack  fluff 
july 2013 by TheMoltenMoon
Perchance to dream [by pterawaters], PG
Derek didn't mean to nod off during home room, but he'll be eternally grateful he did. And so will his family, if his warning can get to them in time.
teenwolf!fic  DerekHale  genfic  KateArgent  TaliaHale  LauraHale  *alt.canon  *pre-series  °pterawaters 
june 2013 by mayachain
[Derek/Stiles] Why don't you say so? by sassywerewolfuncle
Talia Hale has a plan. Derek will go to the Winter Formal and he will ask the Stilinski boy to dance, and they will finally get their heads out of their asses and her son will stop moping around the house in his underwear. Spoiler: Derek doesn't ask Stiles to dance.

[Hales live, still a werewolf!AU, where Derek and Laura are about the same age as Scott and Stiles. Derek is an awkward nerd who's been pining after Stiles, whom he's somewhat friends with, since forever. Sweet highschool AU with lots of misunderstanding all around. Enjoyable, apart from the mention of Derek being on tumblr, which felt OOC and an attempt to make him even more likable and relatable to the audience. via: eeames@tumblr]
fandom:TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  TaliaHale  LauraHale  IsaacLahey  genre:au  genre:fluff  author:sassywerewolfuncle  relationship:first-time  theme:highschool  theme:pining  theme:misunderstanding  feat:Nerd!Derek  setting:canon.divergence  (★★)  type:fic  lenght:5-10k  year:2013  =) 
april 2013 by bodyofwater

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