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Add Custom Social Share Images & Description for Yoast WordPress SEO
The problem with WordPress SEO is that there is no way to set custom social share images for your CPT Archive pages or Category pages. Let's make it happen.
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12 days ago by primathon
Fan Is A Tool-Using Animal—dConstruct Conference Talk
You're probably wondering at this point, why is this weird Polish-named guy up on stage talking about Kirk drilling Spock?

And some of you may be thinking, “That's fine, please continue. Do you have any more slides?”

Well, I'm here by way of atonement, because I used to be a real jerk about fandom, and I used to make fun of them. Then I had a life-changing, road-to-Damascus moment. It involved a strange artifact that got produced partly because of something I did, which I'll describe in a few minutes. It taught me a great deal about community on the Internet.

As I've gotten to know fandom, I've grown convinced that they have a lot to teach us all. Fans are an example of real people using machines to talk to one another, rather than a manufactured and engineered attempt to graft social life onto a single website.
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5 weeks ago by Quercki
tbaggery - Effortless Ctags with Git
In case you’ve been living under a programming rock, Ctags (specifically Exuberant Ctags, not the BSD version shipped with OS X) indexes source code to make it easy to jump to functions, variables, classes, and other identifiers in (among other editors) Vim (see :help tags). The major downside to Ctags is having to manually rebuild that index all the time. That’s where the not-so-novel idea of re-indexing from various Git commit hooks comes in.
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6 weeks ago by kejadlen
VRmeta: The World's First Video Metadata Hub
Subscription-based metadata tagging of video and image assets, with export of XMP and CSV files. You can even use crosshairs to tag objects within the frame, with time and spatial information preserved—great for marking advertising on race cars!
VRmeta allows users to apply in-frame, time-based descriptive metadata, as well as IPTC keyword and caption metadata to every popular video asset type, and to export and share both the videos and their corresponding metadata with every known DAM and MAM.
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7 weeks ago by chrismyth

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