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Toronto van attack - BBC News
Topic pages make our life as digital journalists easier - add a tag and all the content on that subject is aggregated for our audience (and us) in one place. A good example this week is the Toronto van attack - the stream is a packed with coverage, from eyewitness testimony and explainers on the gunman, to his possible motives and moving victim tributes.

So far, we’ve seen that topic pages can be great for SEO and engagement. A one-stop-shop of content on a particular theme is prized by search engines - so, for example, if you Google England local elections 2018 our topic page comes out top. We also know that when a user’s journey includes a topic page they read at least twice as many stories.

Topic pages give our audience thousands of ‘indexes’ on very varied topics - from #MeToo campaign and gender pay gap, to Whatsapp and body image. There’s something for everyone. This is great for the underserved audience who might be interested in diet & nutrition or fitness or cancer but won’t necessarily go to the Health index to find what they’re looking for.

Do suggest topic ideas by messaging TaggingQueries@BBC.co.uk - we’re particularly keen to expand what we have for young people and women.
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7 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Designing better file organization around tags, not hierarchies
redesigning a filesystem, not based on a strict hierarchical organisation,
but around tags/subject labels
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8 weeks ago by tswaterman

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