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But really, is Unconscious Bias Training effective or ineffective?
It seems like when it comes to D&I, companies are willing to make one bet and we have to get it right on the first try for us to prove any worth in further investment.
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2 days ago by hopeful_monster
Opinion | The Meaning of Tony Romo, Super Bowl Psychic
As a football fan it’s nice to just have someone who knows what the hell they’re talking about instead of just blathering on about whether a team or player has “confidence”.

For my money the best booth guys are Romo and Chris Collinsworth.

It’s about the rarity of his unquestionably deep knowledge in an era when so many of the people who put on the trappings of authority and peddle pearls of wisdom don’t actually have the goods. When so many opinions come with a swagger inversely proportional to their worth. When social media, cable channels, webcasts, podcasts, blogs and more have created an environment in which everybody’s an expert and nobody’s an expert — in which it’s sometimes impossible to tell.

With Romo you can tell. His verified foresight proves his genuine insight.

How refreshing, and what an excellent reminder he is that hugely successful athletes aren’t just physically gifted; they’re mentally tough, and many are smart. Their sports pivot on intricate strategy as much as brute strength.
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16 days ago by jefframnani

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