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Biscuit | A browser so your apps don't get buried in tabs
Set your favorite apps on Biscuit, and they will function immediately. You won't need to spend time looking for your apps within your mountain of tabs.
Software  Browser  Tabs 
yesterday by danielcberman
Panorama Tab Groups | An add-on for Firefox that implements the old Tab Groups/Panorama functionality
Panorama Tab Groups is an easy way to organize a lot of tabs. You can visually group related tabs and switch between groups.

Panorama Tab Groups is an updated and maintained fork of Panorama View which is an implementation of the old Panorama/Tab Groups add-on which was deprecated with the new Firefox web extension system.
firefox  browser  extension  tabs 
2 days ago by segfault
Find tabs quickly with the Tabhunter extension for Firefox and Chrome - gHacks Tech News
Stop searching for open tabs manually. Use the Tabhunter extension for Firefox and Chrome to find tabs quickly. You can even search for text in tabs.
firefox  extensions  tabs 
20 days ago by kger
FoxyTab is a highly customizable tab manager extension for Firefox - gHacks Tech News
Want to copy the URLs or titles of all tabs? How about bookmarking all tabs with a click or moving them to a new window. FoxyTab can do that and more.
firefox  tabs  extensions 
20 days ago by kger
Toast - Organize your tabs into sessions
Toast is a simple and lightweight extension that allows you to save all tabs in open browser window. This way you can switch from project to project or between work and home tabs in a second, without having a mess of tabs and windows.
chrome  safari  extension  tabs 
4 weeks ago by e2b
100+ Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners | Chord Charts & Tabs Included (2019)
Learn how to play your all time favourite guitar songs easily with our comprehensive list of easy guitar songs! Learn how to play today.
guitar  tabs 
7 weeks ago by narven
Firefox Tab Mastery - gHacks Tech News
The Firefox Tab Mastery guide provides you with detailed information about tab management in Firefox, tab add-ons and configuration options.
firefox  tabs  tips 
7 weeks ago by kger
Undo Close Tab is an add-on that displays a clickable list of recently closed tabs in Firefox - gHacks Tech News
Want to view a list of recently closed tabs in Firefox? You can, with the help of an extension called Undo Close Tab. Here's how to use it.
firefox  extensions  tabs 
7 weeks ago by kger
Tab Switcher
Oh, this looks kinda promising!

“Tab Switcher is a powerful browser manager for Safari and Chrome that provides fast switching between tabs and windows.
This app will list your tabs and you can switch or bring them in front instantly. You can also filter, navigate around and apply commands with your keyboard.”
safari  tabs  2019  extensions 
7 weeks ago by handcoding

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