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simonsmith/jquery.stickyTableHeader: Small, accessible sticky table header plugin
jquery.stickyTableHeader - Small, accessible sticky table header plugin
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2 days ago by oppara
Re: autovacuum: found orphan temp table
This didn't work from single user, function not found.

select relname,nspname from pg_class join pg_namespace on (relnamespace=
pg_namespace.oid) where pg_is_other_temp_schema(relnamespace);

On finding you can drop those schemas,if you want to get rid of the
messages, just do DROP SCHEMA pg_temp_NNN CASCADE;
postgresql  orphan  temp  table  drop  schema 
2 days ago by theskett
PostgreSQL error cache lookup failed for relation - what causes it and why? - Stack Overflow
deleting orphaned temp tables allowed vacuum to complete:

I was dropping a schema and I had this error "lookup failed for relation xxxx". There was the name of a table also. It seemed some tables from the schema I was deleting, were in a strange state. At the end we did this third steps.

We obtain the C.oid of the table.
select c.oid
from pg_class c
join pg_namespace n on n.oid=c.relnamespace
where c.relname = 'MY_TABLE_NAME'
and n.nspname='MY_SCHEMA_NAME';
delete from pg_class where oid = MY_OID;
delete from pg_depend where objid = MY_OID;
delete from pg_constraint where conrelid = MY_OID;
drop schema MY_SCHEMA_NAME cascade
Then appeared another similar error with another table and we repeated steps 1 to 3 until we deleted the schema.
postgresql  error  cache  lookup  failed  for  relation  orphan  table  tables  delete  from  pg_class  vacuum  full  transaction 
2 days ago by theskett
An API to get data from or to json in 4 ... yes four ... lines of code with…
table  from twitter_favs
3 days ago by
HobbyCNC Stepper Driver
Build log for HobbyCNC Pro 4-axis driver board
CNC  plasma  table  HobbyCNC  DIY 
4 days ago by landmark573
Allows you to control CNC through ethernet or USB
CNC  plasma  table  electronics  DIY 
4 days ago by landmark573

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