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This is Probably a Conspiracy, by WerewolvesAreReal
“Just a yes or no answer,” Hardison says, as he's been saying for weeks. “Magic. Throw me a bone, is magic real?” // Sequel to "Technomancy"
a:werewolvesarereal  t:humor  t:crack  t:crossover  c:alec.hardison  f:hp  f:leverage  |gen  d:2019  l:ficlet 
4 days ago by Tafadhali
Technomancy - or, How to Create a World-Wide Conspiracy in 4 Easy Steps, by WerewolvesAreReal
“We don't need to take Lucille either,” says Parker, dipping her bagel in a glass of orange juice. Eliot looks physically pained. “Hardison can fly us there, because he's a wizard.”
"What," says Eliot flatly.
f:leverage  bp:alec.hardison/parker  c:alec.hardison  c:parker  c:eliot.spencer  l:1-5k  t:humor  t:crack  |gen  a:werewolvesarereal 
4 days ago by Tafadhali
Protein Crystals and Other Precious Stones, by CherryIce
lololololol as someone who wrote a fic based on a kid in my Anthro class looking like John and Ronon's kid, I really respect this AU based on a glycobiologist sharing Alexis Rose's name.
f:schitt's.creek  t:au  t:humor  bp:patrick.brewer/david.rose  c:alexis.rose  t:family  |gen  l:5-10k  a:cherryice  d:2019  via:Tafadhali 
15 days ago by merrily
Protein Crystals and Other Precious Stones, by CherryIce
lololololol as someone who wrote a fic based on a kid in my Anthro class looking like John and Ronon's kid, I really respect this AU based on a glycobiologist sharing Alexis Rose's name.
f:schitt's.creek  t:au  t:humor  bp:patrick.brewer/david.rose  c:alexis.rose  t:family  |gen  l:5-10k  a:cherryice  d:2019 
15 days ago by Tafadhali
New Page, Same Old Book, by Rend_Herring
Glad to learn that the tag I was admiring in the bins the other day -- "I wrote this because of Bill Hader's powerfully lesbianic jawline" -- is attached to such a good fic.
f:it  p:eddie.kaspbrak/richie.tozier  t:comingout  t:domestic  t:au  t:flirting/wooing  |slash  |favorite  a:rend_herring  d:2019  l:10-20k  t:humor 
15 days ago by Tafadhali
Call “Uncle”, by JaggedCliffs
Zuko and most of the Gaang are oblivious, Toph is having a blast, and Iroh is just enjoying the whole situation. Or, how the Fire Nation officials gave up on calling Iroh anything other than "Uncle".
f:avatar  t:humor  t:crack  c:iroh  |gen  l:ficlet  d:2019 
5 weeks ago by Tafadhali
Cut-Rate Magical Insurance, by Jedi Buttercup
"Everything that can go wrong, is going wrong at the local Council House. And usually as wrong as possible. Willow and Buffy investigate."
a:jedibuttercup  f:btvs  c:buffy.summers  c:willow.rosenberg  t:humor  t:crack  c:mayhem  t:crossover  |gen  l:1-5k  d:2019 
6 weeks ago by Tafadhali
ergo propter hoc, by mortifyingideal
This is funny, and I appreciate rather bastardly Aziraphale being underestimated by Crowley.
f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  t:humor  l:1-5k  |slash  |gen  d:2019 
7 weeks ago by Tafadhali
It's More Likely Than You Think, by curtaincall
"Don't believe everything you read on the Internet—unless, of course, you're an angel with reality-warping powers.

(Which is to say, it turns out there really are hot single MILFs in Aziraphale's area. And they do want to meet.)" // I am ugly laughing.
f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  t:humor  t:crack  |slash  d:2019  l:1-5k 
8 weeks ago by Tafadhali
And A Nightingale Sang, by Kedreeva
"Aziraphale asks Crowley to dine at the Ritz for the very first time."

// (Lol, I don't think this is what the tag "Gay Panic" is for but Crowley is a gay and he does panic.)
f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  t:dating  t:pining  |slash  l:1-5k  t:humor  d:2019 
8 weeks ago by Tafadhali
Observer Effect, by Square Pudding
"Heaven dispatches a Grigori to monitor any "suspicious activity" between Aziraphale and a certain agent of Hell." // lol
f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  t:documents/correspondence  t:outsidepov  |slash  t:humor  l:5-10k  d:2019 
9 weeks ago by Tafadhali
Thirty-three Kisses and Counting, by osprey_archer
Bruno pulled a wounded face. "Do I need a reason to make out with my best friend?" he asked. Bruno bet Cathy he could kiss more MacDonald Hall boys than she could. Boots is not pleased.
f:macdonald.hall  p:boots.o'neal/bruno.walton  t:humor  t:crack  t:jealousy  |slash  d:2019  l:1-5k  x:yuletide  x:yuletide11 
9 weeks ago by Tafadhali

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