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Nine Inch Nails and Captain Marvel Release Collaborative T-Shirt | Music News | Consequence of Sound
Brie Larson wears the band's logo tee throughout Marvel's latest blockbuster
Marvel’s latest blockbuster, Captain Marvel, is set in the mid-90s and, when not in super hero garb, star Brie Larson proudly rocks a Nine Inch Nails t-shirt. Now, to celebrate the film’s release, Marvel and NIN have teamed up for a collaborative t-shirt, which is available for a limited time on the band’s website. NIN is also selling the plain white logo tee worn by Larson in the film.
In an interview with Popsugar, Captain Marvel costume designer Sanja Milkovic Hays discussed the decision to make Carol Danvers a fan of The Downward Spiral.
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Freedom lifestyle apparel, by patriots, for patriots!
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RUN GCC shirt | FSF Shop
Represent GCC with this novelty tee-shirt! Printed on 100% certified organic cotton from a unionized shop, this shirt comes in black with white lettering framed in red bars. Sizes include unisex and women's. Don't forget to read up on GCC in order to perfect your skills!
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