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18 days ago by yorksranter
T-Mobile introduces new FamilyMode app and base station for monitoring kid’s internet use - The Verge
If you’d like to go one step further and monitor home internet use on Wi-Fi, T-Mobile is selling a gadget it calls Home Base that will sit between your router and any internet-connected device, regardless of whether it’s connected to T-Mobile’s network. So that’s pretty much any modern device
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25 days ago by jasonsamuels
Tracking Firm LocationSmart Leaked Location Data for Customers of All Major U.S. Mobile Carriers Without Consent in Real Time Via Its Web Site
LocationSmart, a U.S. based company that acts as an aggregator of real-time data about the precise location of mobile phone devices, has been leaking this information to anyone via a buggy component of its Web site — without the need for any password or other form of authentication or authorization — KrebsOnSecurity has learned. The company took the vulnerable service offline early this afternoon after being contacted by KrebsOnSecurity, which verified that it could be used to reveal the location of any AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon phone in the United States to an accuracy of within a few hundred yards.
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9 weeks ago by jm
T-Mobile CTO discusses planned integration of Sprint network | FierceWireless
You identify the anchor network as we would call it, which is the T-Mobile network. You build and light up all of the spectrum assets of the company on that combined network," Ray said. "
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9 weeks ago by yorksranter
Analyst Angle: The new T-Mobile — winners in retail postpaid ads, prepaid market share; needs work in B2B and IoT - RCR Wireless News
B2B —- The combined company is estimated to have around 24M B2B subscribers, which is 30M less than Verizon and 24M less than AT&T (2) M2M and IoT Connections
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10 weeks ago by yorksranter
Editor’s Corner—T-Mobile is setting a low bar for its initial 5G efforts | FierceWireless
T-Mobile’s 5G efforts are in some ways hindered by the carrier’s own success in improving its existing LTE network. For example, through the application of a variety of advanced technologies like carrier aggregation, higher-order MIMO, LAA and 256 QAM, T-Mobile has raised its LTE speeds to up to 500 Mbps,
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11 weeks ago by yorksranter
Spring and T-Mobile Agree to Merge, in Bid to Remake Wireless Market - NYTimes
"The parent companies of each carrier — SoftBank of Japan, which controls Sprint, and Deutsche Telekom of Germany, which owns a majority of T-Mobile — managed to solve the longstanding issue of control in recent weeks." --- .... --- "Under the terms of the all-stock deal announced on Sunday, Deutsche Telekom will own roughly 42 percent of the combined business and have nine of 14 seats on the new T-Mobile’s board. SoftBank will own 27 percent and have four seats, one of which would be held by its founder, Masayoshi Son. Public shareholders would own the remainder." --- .... --- "Sprint and T-Mobile argue that combining will help them afford the billions needed to expand their so-called 5G network, a fifth-generation wireless technology that promises to bring ultrafast broadband speeds to mobile service. It is the standard that will be used to connect home appliances, cars and smartphones online via fiber optic lines to the home." --- .... --- "Sprint and T-Mobile are harder pressed than the competition to build the network. Sprint has about $32 billion in debt on its books, while T-Mobile generates a fraction of the cash that Verizon and AT&T do." --- .... --- "The announcement on Sunday takes a step toward fulfilling a long-frustrated dream of Mr. Son of SoftBank. When his company took control of Sprint in 2013, he boasted of defeating Verizon and AT&T in their own backyard. But to do so, he needed a bigger platform than Sprint alone, and he quickly began talks to buy T-Mobile, which, at $55 billion, has more than twice the market value as Sprint." --- .... --- "The stakes are big for both sides, but especially for Mr. Son. Sprint has lost billions of dollars and millions of subscribers, while taking on debt, since SoftBank took it over. By contrast, T-Mobile, buoyed by a hugely popular unlimited data plan and an aggressive marketing campaign, leapt over its beleaguered rival to take third place in the American wireless rankings."
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11 weeks ago by skinnymuch
Sprint and T-Mobile agree to combine in all-stock deal - StarTribune.com
After the government nixed AT&T's attempt to buy the company in 2011, T-Mobile led the way in many consumer-friendly changes, such as ditching two-year contracts and bringing back unlimited data plans. Consumers are paying less for cellphone service thanks to T-Mobile's influence on the industry and the resulting price wars.

"T-Mobile does not need a merger with Sprint to succeed, but Sprint might need one to survive," Piecyk wrote in a research note.
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11 weeks ago by jasonsamuels

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