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DIGITS | T-Mobile Support
Learn how to stay connected with DIGITS, a T-Mobile service that allows you to use multiple numbers on one device, or one number on multiple devices.
11 days ago by dougleigh
Nest Security Pack Home Alarm System | Nest Secure + Cam | T-Mobile
The Nest Secure alarm system is tough on bad guys and easy on you. Arm and disarm however you like. No passcode required. Forget to arm? Get Remind Me alerts straight to your T-Mobile device. And if the Wi-Fi goes down, T-Mobile has you covered with cellular backup.
t-mobile  nest  home  security  iot 
20 days ago by jasonsamuels
T-Mobile Open Source
2017: the year that nothing seemed safe. The scale of breaches reached new heights. More often, attackers didn’t target security features like encryption, authentication or authorization, instead went after the less interesting parts of the application. A lack of regular patching and poor handling of secrets tended to be the common cause for most attacks.
T-Mobile  T-Mobile_OpenSource 
7 weeks ago by GameGamer43
T-Mobile to launch 5G in 30 cities this year, including New York and LA - The Verge
T-Mobile plans to use millimeter wave (which is fast but short range) and more traditional LTE-range wireless bands to build its 5G network, offering some combination of enhanced speeds and broad reach. Ray said you’ll see an “incremental benefit” when you’re connected to 5G when it’s running on an LTE-like wireless band. “You’ll see more where you have millimeter wave,” which is likely to be limited to denser cities.
t-mobile  wireless 
7 weeks ago by jasonsamuels
Satellite companies propose C-band sharing plan with US mobile operators | PolicyTracker: Feb 2018
“Asked whether moving out of the band will give satellite operators a monetary windfall, [SES chief strategy and development officer] De Hauwer declined to speculate about the size or precise use of any such compensation. However, he said, satellite service providers in space and on the ground have invested billions in the C-band over the decades, and any change to that ecosystem is complex and expensive.”

“If the satellite companies don’t do anything, the FCC might allocate the spectrum under less favourable terms and without any compensation, said Telecom, Media and Finance Associates satellite consultant Tim Farrar. The possibility of receiving billions of dollars for moving out of the band is attractive because the satellite industry isn’t a rapidly growing one and a windfall would be welcome, he said.”

“If the FCC goes along with the SES/Intelsat plan, controversy could flare around who ends up with the 100 MHz of satellite spectrum, Farrar said. He noted in a blog post that wireless operators Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile put forward divergent views on reallocation mechanisms in comments to the regulator’s consultation on expanding flexible use in mid-band spectrum between 3.7 GHz and 24 GHz. Verizon called for a near-term notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) with market-based clearance mechanisms rather than an auction. AT&T asked for “substantial record development, including additional analysis and modeling” before the launch of an NPRM, while T-Mobile said the agency should reject the Intelsat proposal and auction the spectrum.”
PolicyTracker  satellite  C-band  SES  Verizon  AT&T  T-Mobile  Tim-Farrar 
9 weeks ago by pierredv
T-Mobile US notches another strong quarter - RCR Wireless News
The carrier plans to build on its retail expansion of 2017 and put an “emphasis on greenfield markets in 2018” where it has not previously had a presence, Legere said, as well as targeting specific customer segments where it doesn’t have historically strong market share. He cited T-Mo’s Unlimited 55+ plan as an example, and reminded analysts that the company only has 2-3% market share in the enterprise market.
t-mobile  ovum  sme] 
10 weeks ago by yorksranter
T-Mobile presses for mmWave auction in 2018, says major carriers already acquiring significant holdings | FierceWireless, Jan 2018
If it wasn’t clear before, it is now: Wireless operators want to get their hands on more millimeter wave spectrum, and the more, the merrier. And smaller carriers are worried the deck is going to get stacked against them in favor of the largest operators.

Those themes continue to emerge through comments filed with the FCC as part of its Spectrum Frontiers initiative. The FCC has asked for input on how it should structure spectrum bands above 24 GHz for mobile radio services, and carriers aren’t shy about responding. AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, plus the industry association CTIA, are pushing for an auction in 2018, with T-Mobile in particular pointing to Verizon’s accumulation of millimeter wave spectrum on the secondary market giving it a competitive edge.
FierceWireless  28GHz  SpectrumFrontiers  FCC  spectrum-auctions  5G  T-Mobile  Verizon  AT&T  mmWave 
12 weeks ago by pierredv

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