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I think the best thing about Amok Time is that it is canon that satisfying the Pon Farr is equivalent to marriage on Vulcan. Usually this is done with sex, and since T’Pring challenged the winner would have gotten to marry her via sex while the loser would have been dead…

but since Jim didn’t die, spock satisfied his Pon Farr with him, AND he did no frickle frackle with T’Pring, for all intents and purposes, Jim and Spock are canonically married by Vulcan law.

And idk I just picture that the next time T’Pau calls spock she’s just like “and how fares your husband” and spock is just like “hold up what husband.”

T’Pau: “your husband. James Kirk.”


T’Pau: “You rolled with him in the sands and did not die. He lives and therefore he is your husband. You rOLLED WITH HIM IN THE SACRED SANDS GRANDSON. Also your father and mother believe he is. Your mother has knitted him sweaters.”

@samjohnssonvt @bow-weaver I think y’all want to read this.
meta  st  st:tos  amoktime  k/s  kirk/spock  t'pau 
17 days ago by timberwolfoz
The Genetic Soap Opera (or, One of the Less Dignified Royal Weddings) by waketosleep
Summary: Turns out Jim Kirk's more than meets the eye, genetically speaking. There are a lot of consequences, mostly for Spock and his sanity.
author:waketosleep  humour  fic  fanfiction  kirk  spock  kirk/spock  uhura  mccoy  startrek  startrek2009  chapel  sarek  t'pau  PonFarr  r 
may 2011 by jumpmybones
The Golden Klingon by CMM
This answers Friktion's "Gotta Luv 'Em aliens" challenge, which asked for an alien Kirk. This one is half-Klingon, half-Betazoid. This is also an answer to a personal request from a reader (yes, like a wedding DJ, I do requests) who wanated a hot fic where a virgin Spock gets introduced to the "pleasures of the flesh" by a pirate Kirk. The whole thing started out as porn, but it turned into a love story with a hint of a plot. Enjoy.

word count: 10,000 +/-
author:cmm  kirk  spock  kirk/spock  vulcan!biology  vulcan!control  vulcan!passion  PonFarr  slash  dub-con  nc-17  adult  startrek  startrek2009  au  alien!kirk  hurt/comfort  bonding  bondage  d/s  bottom!spock  bottom!kirk  first-time  t'pau  t'pring  t'hy'la  fanfiction  fic  angst  romance 
january 2011 by jumpmybones
Ree - Feathered Frenzy : Master Post
You know of those stories where the transporter sends Kirk or Spock careening into another universe where everything is weird? Well, this isn't one of those. No, this is the story where the transporter makes everything weird in its own universe. Though it skipped the gender-change trope. No, this is a new one. Add on sex, political negotiations, angry admirals, and an unexpected marriage and things get quite complicated.
kirk/spock  kirk  spock  slash  spock/uhura  PonFarr  wingfic  author:triskellion  fic  fanfiction  first-time  drama  romance  transporter-malfunction  friendship  nc-17  adult  romantic  touchtelepathy  telepathy  mindmeld  angst  love  lovely  mccoy  spockprime  t'pau  sweet  fluff  t'hy'la  amazing  bigbang  startrek2009  startrek 
october 2010 by jumpmybones
ghiri_mai - Adaptation
This story examines some of the consequences and implications of the destruction of the planet Vulcan by Nero, which should be major since Vulcan is one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets. Everyone will have to change old assumpti
startrek  st:aos  gen  impliedhet  originalcharacter  st:ent  jonathanarcher  t'pau  vulcan  vulcan-rebuilding  vulcan-romulan-alliance  vulcans  romulans  actionadventure  plotty  politics  pirates  spaceship  starfleet  length-novel  pov-multiple  ghiri-mai 
october 2010 by ratcreature
Linda - Chess AU: Like a Moth to a Flame, NC-17, 1/2
Very loosely based on this prompt from the Star Trek XI Kink meme:
Chess AU.
Kirk and Spock meet as kids at an intergalactic chess tournament for the Federation Planets. They become heated rivals, battling each other throughout their chess "careers", which pretty much develops into UST once you toss teenage hormones into the mix.
Inevitably chess is pretty much just their foreplay before they finally sit up and realize that they've fallen for each other.
au  kirk/spock  teenage!kirk  teenage!spock  kirk  spock  hate!sex  nc-17  adult  author:littlebirdtold  slash  fic  fanfiction  angst  romance  love  smut  first-time  rimming  bottom!kirk  snark  hurt/comfort  ofc  telepathy  bonding  t'hy'la  bondmates  hot  possessive!spock  t'pau  amanda  sarek  amazing  lovely  pre-film  vulcan!biology  chess  needy!kirk  startrek2009  startrek 
may 2010 by jumpmybones
Yesterday's Amok, a StarTrek: The Original Series fanfic - FanFiction.Net
K/S. T'Pau found out that Jim didn't actually die on the sands of Vulcan during Spock's Pon Farr. And now she wants a rematch.
Not a Pon Farr challenge, believe it or not. They fooled T'Pau the first time around, but it's pretty clear before long that Kirk didn't die on the sands of Vulcan like he was supposed to. What if she demands, by the power of Vulcan law, that they return for a rematch- a fight to the death, no tricks this time.

Bonus if they realize they can only get out of it if they bond.
kirk  spock  kirk/spock  author:kerchan  fic  fanfiction  slash  startrek:TOS  t'pau  nc-17  adult  kink  dirtytalk  first-time  mindmeld  bonding  bottom!kirk  startrek 
may 2010 by jumpmybones
Writing - Fic: Sviksu
AU. An adaptation of Verdi's opera Aida to K/S. "There is a Vulcan by the name of S'chn T'gai Spock. His name is infamous in our history."
startrek  kirk/spock  janon  au  vulcan  slash  het  spock/t'pring  slavefic  slave-kirk  stockholmsyndrome  betrayal  jealousy  pov-omniscient  t'pau  t'pring  vulcan-empire  length-novel  war  mindmeld 
march 2010 by ratcreature
rhaegal | Fic: Evolution Part 10/12
The ongoing mission of the USS Enterprise under the new captaincy of James T. Kirk. In this part, Spock Prime's mind melds should come with a health warning.
startrek  st:aos  slash  rhaegal  series  ponfarr  mindmeld  kirk/spock  jamestkirk  spock  leonardmccoy  spock-prime  sarek  t'pau  vulcan  vulcan-rebuilding  pov-kirk  pov-3rd 
january 2010 by ratcreature
So Wise We Grow, by captanddeastar
Slash. "Commander Spock, we have located your son," the Vulcan lady on the screen says, which would be great, except Jim can tell by the look on Spock’s face that he's never heard of this kid before in his life. "If it is expedient, the child will be sent to join you on the Enterprise within the week."
ST:AOS  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  James.Tiberius.Kirk  Spock  T'Pau  Nyota.Uhura  Hikaru.Sulu  Pavel.Chekov  Leonard.'Bones'.McCoy  Montgomery.Scott  Gaila  Christopher.Pike  Sarek  Winona.Kirk  James.Tiberius.Kirk/Spock  80000-84999.words 
november 2009 by settiai
Amanda Warrington - Fic: Silver Lining 1/6 | STXI | Kirk/Spock | NC-17
Spock is still in a relationship with Uhura when he has his first Pon Farr. Kirk diverts the Enterprise to New Vulcan so Spock can marry T'Pring, who survived Vulcan's destruction. However, when he gets there, he finds his wedding doesn't go according to plan.
newstartrek  kirk/spock  pon-farr  mind-meld  touch-telepathy  pining!Spock  oblivious!Kirk  straight!Kirk  dr-mccoy  jealousy  uhura  t'pring  t'pau  spock/uhura  scotty  sulu  chekov  plotty  hurt-comfort  spock/omc  kirk/ofc 
october 2009 by mklutz
stella_andrea: Fic: Affliction's Sons - Chapter 1/13 (Kirk/Spock, Winona/Sarek, NC-17)
It's been a Terran year since Vulcan's destruction and the Vulcan race is still unsettled. There's been an outbreak on the colony: Vulcan men of all ages are going through Pon Farr years earlier than expected. No one knows why this is happening.
startrek  st:aos  slash  het  ponfarr  sarek  winonakirk  kirk/spock  sarek/winonakirk  vulcan  vulcan-rebuilding  memorialservice  stella_andrea  wip  jamestkirk  spock  pov-spock  pov-sarek  pov-3rd  t'pau  tense-past 
september 2009 by ratcreature

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