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Painting Wargames Figures: 40mm WAS-SYW Austrians
I had one battalion of IR18 Marschall unsold from the ‘old’ project so I have given them red turn-backs as used earlier on. The Hungarian battalion is new and this is the second battalion of IR37 Esterhazy, one of six new Hungarian regiments raised in the WAS.They are carrying the red flags that were issued to these new regiments which will be explained and illustrated in the Austrian booklet. Plus we will be debunking the notion that the so-called green Hungarian flag was issued to Hungarian regiments.
austrian  SYW  figures  painting 
september 2014 by geira
Painting Wargames Figures: Austrian Infantry Uniform differences between the WAS and the SYW
This information is largely based upon Pengel and Hurt publications and correspondence between Christian Rogge and myself.
austrian  WAS  SYW  wargames  figures  painting  uniforms 
november 2013 by geira
Dioramen von Rüdiger Fischer
Neues Diorama "Bockwindmühle" - siehe Dioramen!
Die Figuren gibt es als ersten Satz zu kaufen bei
Wem bestimmte Figuren aus anderen Dioramen am Herzen liegen, der kann mich gern kontaktieren!
Vielleicht gibt es dann demnächst mehr zu haben.
syw  diorama  uniforms  modeling 
july 2013 by geira
Württemberg Leib Grenadier Regiment - Project SYW
In 1758, the Garde zu Fuß was twice reorganised. During the second reorganisation, late in 1758, the Garde zu Fuß retained two battalions while its other battalion gave birth to the Leibgrenadierregiment which recruited other troops to bring its total force to 3 battalions.
syw  paint  todo 
july 2013 by geira
Koenig Krieg - Hobby Page
For those who want to improve their armies in the quickest way possible, I suggest going straight to the ‘Basing and Generals’ section where there are some simple little tricks to jazz up your army.
syw  painting  basing  wargames 
may 2013 by geira
French Foot - vertical pockets B from 30mm French Army
French infantry - photo also shows mounted Officer and other command figures from Pack LWF4. Painted,photographed by and from the collection of John Clements. Used with his kind permission.
30mm  french  syw  wargames  figures 
january 2013 by geira
Bavarian Army Chevauleger Regiment Taxis
The cover of the envelope containing the postcards states that they are based on originals by Professor Anton Hoffmann of Munich, and published by Ludwig Rath at Regensburg.
syw  uniforms 
march 2012 by geira
Die Kursächsische Armee im Siebenjährigen Krieg, 1756–1763
Following its surrender at Pirna, 15 October 1756, the army of the Electorate of Saxony went into Prussian captivity. Officers were dismissed, the NCOs promoted to officers, and entire regiments incorporated into the Prussian army, with the exception of the Leibgrenadier-Garde.

Infantry-Regiment Königin and Grenadier-Battalion Kurprinzessin refused to take the oath and were disbanded. Many soldiers of the remaining ten infantry regiments deserted en masse in the following months or went over to the enemy on the battlefield, so that by 1758 there was only one formerly Saxon infantry regiment on the establishment of the field army and two on the garrison establishment.

Many of the deserted Saxon soldiers made their way to Hungary via Bohemia and Poland, where a new Saxon army was being formed under the command of Lieutenant-General Franz Xavier prince of Saxony, count of Lusatia, from 1757. These troops received new regimental colours in March of 1758 and they took part in the campaigns of the combined French and Imperial Army along the Rhine.
saxon  uniforms  syw 
february 2012 by geira
Painting Wargames Figures: Austrian Infantry Uniform differences between the WAS and the SYW
By the end of the Seven Years War (1756-63) the look of Austrian Infantry had largely been set and standardised to what we are familiar with – the white coat, with white turn-backs and coloured lapels and cuffs. But reaching this simple and elegant uniform had not been a straight forward process and Austria’s infantry in the earlier War of the Austrian Succession (1740-48) had presented a far more varied and colourful appearance.
syw  wss  uniforms  wargames 
february 2012 by geira
Austrian Grenz-Infantry of the Seven Years’ War, 1756–1763
The Austrian Military Border (Militärgrenze) was established in 1538 along the Austro-Ottoman border, when Kaiser Ferdinand I. offered sanctuary and permanent settlement to displaced Serbs (Rascian, Uskok) fleeing from the Turks, placing them under Austrian military administration. The Serb frontier farmers enjoyed freedom of faith and tax exemption in return for military service in the Austrian army. In addition, they were permitted to raid and pillage Turkish settlements across the border. The three Serb captaincies of Koprivnica, Križevci and Ivanic eventually formed the Varaždin general command.
syw  wargames  figures  painting 
december 2011 by geira
Markgraf Carl Infantry - Project SYW
The regiment was raised on February 14 1702 for Albrecht Friedrich Markgraf von Brandenburg-Schwedt who was master of the Johanniter Order. For this reason, the "Johanniter-Kreuz" was used on the flags of the regiment.
syw  wargames  figures  painting 
june 2011 by geira
Der Alte Fritz Journal: Alte Fritz's SYW Prussian Army
The Figures: the SYW is all about "grandeur" and appearance, and nothing is more suited for this than the stately 30mm miniature, as designed by Charles Stadden, Edward Suren and Steve Hezzlewood. Their figure ranges are called (not surprisingly) Stadden, Suren (or Willie Figures) and RSM95 (nee Pax Britannica). Aside from their height, these figures have something in common, and that is the fact that they all have realistic anatomical proportions and the miniatures look like real people. If you look at the pictures of the RSM95 figures shown above, you can see what I mean about realistic figure proportions. These are not cartoonish caricatures with oversized heads and baseball mitt hands or stubby legs. No, by cracky, they look like real people, bless 'em!
syw  wargames  figures  30mm  basing 
may 2011 by geira
SYW Hanoverians - WarTime Miniatures
Our Horse and Musket ranges will start with SYW Hanoverians. This range has been researched to try and ensure the most historically definitive miniatures available. The first set of these figures is currently being worked on and is now available for pre order.
syw  wargames  figures 
may 2011 by geira
War of the Spanish Succession Project Page...
When the project started the unpainted lead Darrell passed over were all either Minifigs or Dixon Miniatures. Where I am now, after two years, the only bits of that original lead that I have left is the Minifigs cavalry, and some Dixon infantry - which I think speaks volumes... I've now painted/obtained examples from many manufacturers, with varying results and in this section I document the results..
15mm  syw  wargames  figures 
march 2011 by geira

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