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Windows Sysprep for Virtual Machines | Thomas Maurer
sysprep.exe /oobe /generalize /shutdown /mode:vm
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may 2018 by sphere2k
How to automatically configure your default profile in Windows 10
The script provided will automatically configure your default profile's settings in Windows 10.
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april 2018 by egwillim
(De-)Activation of Windows 7 Portable Virtual Machine
Think of the weightings as flags. Once an item's flag is set that flag is not affected by further changes until reactivation is required. Then all the flags are reset to zero. Changing the cpu sets that flag but unless reactivation is triggered by the change, changing the cpu again leaves the flag as previously set. A common change made by users is to play around with a vm's memory. The first memory change (of at least 250MB) sets the memory flag but subsequent changes have no effect until all the flags are reset. Changing the motherboard is enough to trigger reactivation. Not all hardware items have an effect. A second virtual hard drive, virtual NIC, or optical drive isn't part of the hardware hash used for activation.

The real concern is the license. Each vm must have its own license so you cannot simply clone vms containing a retail copy of Windows 7 Home Premium and distribute them. That is a clear violation of the licensing terms.

You must use SysPrep. Microsoft has this warning for this kind of deployment: "if you don’t run Sysprep, every copy of the image will have the same security ID (SID) and the same computer name." This is particularly important if two copies are run in the same network. It is also important in providing a unique product key for each vm.

Microsoft does have a lengthy document for preparing and distributing XP Mode vms in the manner you describe, But XP Mode contains a free copy of XP Pro SP3 and since it uses an OEM license unique product keys are not required. There is no similar "Windows 7 Mode" so you should consider very carefully the cost of providing a Windows 7 Home Premium license for each virtual machine you plan to distribute. I think you should talk to a Microsoft sales representative before proceeding.

If your clients are business users then you should use Windows 7 Professional and not Home Premium.
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may 2017 by theskett

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