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Yelp/docker-custodian: Keep docker hosts tidy
Remove old docker containers and docker images.

dcgc will remove stopped containers and unused images that are older than "max age". Running containers, and images which are used by a container are never removed.

Maximum age can be specificied with any format supported by pytimeparse.


dcgc --max-container-age 3days --max-image-age 30days
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1 hour ago by richardneish
rBackup - rdiff-backup + rsnapshot = rbackup !
rBackup is an alternative to the rsnapshot ( backup program. The aim was to create an easy to use backup procedure using the rdiff-backup script - - (as rsnapshot is taking advantage of rsync - The beauty behind rdiff-backup is that it lets you retrieve and store only the differences within the files, avoiding to store useless redundant data. Hence the main goal of such a backup program is to save storage room over solutions merely using rsync.
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11 hours ago by dusko
MicroMDM is a project which provides an open source Mobile Device Management server for Apple devices. Our goal is to create a performant and extensible device management solution for enterprise and education.
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yesterday by GameGamer43
"Rosie Pattern Language: Improving on 50-Year Old Regular Expression Technology" by Jamie Jennings
Intro to Rosie. A new language for matching patterns. It looks way nicer to use than regex.
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yesterday by jefframnani
Charting a path to software resiliency – WalmartLabs – Medium
The scale of Walmart is enormous. There are a few hundred teams in each technology pillar, and they churn out applications to be deployed on multiple platforms using completely varied tech stacks. When we started in 2017, we realized that to conquer this scale, we needed a structured plan to execute resiliency exercises to ensure that our critical systems are resilient (withstand turbulent conditions in production). The journey to achieve resiliency began with three simple ideas: The customer comes first. Teams own resiliency. Fail fast, fail often.
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yesterday by dlkinney
Connect to a server by using SSH on Linux or Mac OS X
If you rebuilt your cloud server, you might get the following message:


One of the security features of SSH is that when you log in to a cloud server, the remote host has its own key that identifies it. When you try to connect, your SSH client checks the server’s key against any keys that it has saved from previous connections to that IP address. When you rebuild a cloud server, that remote host key changes, so your computer warns you of possibly suspicious activity.
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2 days ago by dusko

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