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bellingcat - Schrödinger's Strike: Who Hit These Buildings in Raqqa, Syria? - bellingcat
What is clear, however, is that the Russian MoD has used satellite imagery of the exact same buildings for two contradicting statements: in 2017, they claimed they targeted an IS meeting, and in 2018, they claimed that the U.S. bombed civilian buildings.
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RT : Android APT distributed in 🇸🇾 is still active.
Spreads as , , and Office apps…
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ابو مهدي المهندس يكشف تفاصيل الاعتداء الصهيوأمريكي على الحشد الشعبي - YouTube
June 24, 2:30 says he met with JWOC commander who said area attacked by US strike actually is inside Iraq; 8:15 attacks government, says hasr al-silah bi-yad al-dawla is "kalimat haqq yurad biha batil," says it was the fatwa al-mubaraka that saved Iraq, not the government; 11:00 "who in this government is more disciplined than the Hashd?", says government messed up election; 12:30 says government asked hashd factions to come into action a few months before the fatwa to protect Baghdad; 15:30 "certainly we have nawaqis, mukhalafat, but where are the nawaqis and mukhalafat in the main areas? this issue of the makhazin, all our weapons are registered, all of them"
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6 days ago by insideiraqipolitics
Initial Thoughts on the OPCW Interim Investigation into the Alleged Gas Attack in Douma, Syria - Mail Online - Peter Hitchens blog
‘Doctors said the symptoms had been consistent with exposure to an organophosphorus substance.’

Which doctors? Note the absence of named, checkable sources in a story written some distance from Damascus. This was typical of almost all western media reports of the episode at the time.

Now, the OPCW preliminary report, 6th July 2018, paragraph 2.5, specifically says there is no evidence of any such organophosphorus substance at the site. The quoted ‘doctors’, being unidentified, cannot now be approached to ask for their response to this.
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10 days ago by juliusbeezer
How The Media Reveal Inconvenient Truth About Syria | Tim Hayward
Perhaps a rush to launch the attacks all at once was due to an unexpectedly quick unravelling of the authorized narrative in Syria. As the Syrian Arab Army brought Douma back under government control, the liberated citizens were bringing horrendous stories about conditions of life under the UK-sponsored “moderate rebels”, speaking of terror, humiliation, deprivation, rape, murder and forced labour. These stories, if verified, would severely undermine the mainstream narrative. As would the discovery of exceedingly inconvenient facts relating to the alleged chemical attack that recently served as justification for the F-UK-US bombing raid.

So it is that those of us who strive to get a fair hearing for the inconvenient testimonies are branded “Apologists for Assad”.
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10 days ago by juliusbeezer
Brothers of the Gun: A Memoir of the Syrian War
A bracingly immediate memoir of the Syrian war from its inception to the present by a young man coming of age and finding his voice as a journalist, whose friends traveled divergent paths through the carnage. An intimate lens into the century’s bloodiest conflict, and a profound meditation on kinship, home, and freedom. Illustrated with over 80 ink drawings by Molly Crabapple.

In 2011, Marwan Hisham and his two friends–fellow working-class college students–Nael and Tareq, joined the first protests of the Arab Spring in Syria, in response to a recent massacre. Arm-in-arm they marched, poured Coke into each other’s eyes to blunt the effects of tear gas, ran from the security forces, and cursed the country’s president, Bashar al-Assad. It was ecstasy. A long-bottled revolution was finally erupting, and freedom from a brutal dictator seemed, at last, imminent. Five years later, the three young friends were scattered: one now an Islamist revolutionary; another dead at the hands of government soldiers; and the last, Marwan, now a journalist in Turkish exile, trying to find a way back to a homeland reduced to rubble.

Brothers of the Gun is the story of a young man coming of age during the Syrian war from its inception to the present. Marwan watched from the rooftops as regime warplanes bombed rebels; as revolutionary activist groups, for a few dreamy days, spray-painted hope on Raqqa; as his friends died or threw in their lot with Islamist fighters. He became a journalist by courageously tweeting out news from a city under siege by ISIS, the Russians, and the Americans, all at once. He watched the country that ran through his veins–the country that held his hopes, dreams, and fears–be destroyed in front of him, and eventually joined the relentless stream of refugees risking their lives to escape.

With vivid illustrations that bring to life the beauty and chaos, Brothers of the Gun offers a ground-level reflection on the Syrian revolution–and how it bled into international catastrophe and global war. This is a story of pragmatism and idealism, impossible violence and repression, and, even in the midst of war, profound acts of courage, creativity, and hope
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10 days ago by rvenkat
The Puzzle of Russian Behavior in Deir al-Zour
For any of these reasons, they might have intentionally failed to share information from the U.S. deconfliction line with the Wagner group in order to send Prigozhin and his forces a message.
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12 days ago by yorksranter
RT : 'the conflict has eroded the norms of international , normalized chemical weapons use, and created t…
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