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Keeps and Nobody Is Doing Anything About It
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RT : Our analysts are using mapping to track recent HTS developments across . Take a look at this week's map to se…
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RT : 🔺 & navigation warnings in force around for Thu 11th Jan

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The Aviationist » Defining Asymmetrical Warfare: Extremists Use Retail Drones to Attack Russian Air Base in Syria
Well, this has eventually happened. the monster, super expensive son-of-Sergeant-York SPAAG they're using against them is telling in itself
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6 days ago by yorksranter
Syrian Kurds turn to Arab women to cement hold on power
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FT Reporter in Rumeilan, Syria

The classroom of Star Academy for women in north-east Syria appears quaint at first glance, its corners adorned with plastic flowers and traditional sequinned dresses. But along the walls are photographs of female guerrillas and a portrait of the leftist revolutionary, Rosa Luxemburg.

“Who does the state beat down?” Reyhan Loqo asks her students. “Man!” they shout back. “And who does man beat down?” the 21-year-old instructor says. “Woman!” the pupils reply.
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7 days ago by kmt
All Islamists' activities monitored by Syrian Intelligence: document - Zaman al-Wasl, Jan 4, 2018
The document reveals that the al-Assad intelligence included all religious trends such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafist groups, or Sufi paths in their research, and did not leave a single field of activity unobserved whether sermons, da’wa, Quran memorization, Jihad, or teaching. Almost all of these different currents and activities received the same treatment which included, following up on their activities, conducting research on them, meeting and speaking to them, trying to persuade them to become closer to the regime, and plant intelligence agents in their ranks.
Scrutinizing the document shows clearly that the regime adopted a multi-faceted policy in its dealings with various Islamic currents. This policy is based on: monitoring, sorting, containment, and infiltration.
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8 days ago by elizrael

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