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RT : Latest on ✈️ downed in
•15 dead, Russia summons Israel Amb. in Moscow
•Israel expresses sorrow,blame…
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7 days ago by sarcas
Latest on ✈️ downed in
•15 dead, Russia summons Israel Amb. in Moscow
•Israel expresses sorrow,blame…
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8 days ago by joshd
RT : Russia now says Israeli jets forced the military plane into the path of 's air defences near Latakia, accusin…
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8 days ago by kexrex
UPDATE on Missile strikes:

•Russia says it lost contact with ✈️
•US says Assad mistook Russia ✈️ for Israe…
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8 days ago by andriak
Battle for Syria's last major rebel bastion on hold as Putin and Erdogan meet to discuss next moves | The Independent
“For the time being, everything is postponed,” Mr Oliver said. “There is no final agreement and no final disagreement.” // that's the zeitgeist right there. in any case an excellent article
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9 days ago by yorksranter

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