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The strange, cartridge-powered speech of TI Touch & Tell - CDM Create Digital Music
Speak & Spellだけじゃない。スピーチシンセベンディングの世界
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The Bunker Podcast 173: Abby Echiverri by thebunkerny | The Bunker | Free Listening on SoundCloud
The Bunker Podcast 173: Abby Echiverri by thebunkerny Abby @Echiverri has extensive history as a musician, sound engineer, DJ and VJ. Her current trajectory started early in childhood when she was classically trained in violin, flute, piano and vocals, cementing music as a part of her daily life. In high school she picked up turntables and began collecting records, eventually moving to NYC to study recording engineering and perform in post-punk bands, and became a regular at Wierd and The Bunker at a very young age. Since then, Echiverri has devoted her professional hours to engineering, maintaining, and manufacturing audio equipment for studios and clubs around the world. Her debut record 'Ab Initio' is currently out on The Bunker New York's label and can be purchased on our bandcamp. This set features a lot of flanged synths, analog drums, and processed samples. It was composed and rehearsed over a few days and then recorded in one take at her home in Queens.
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Building a Program Synthesizer — James Bornholt — University of Washington
Build a program synthesis tool, to generate programs from specifications, in 20 lines of code using Rosette.
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