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What's the expected level of paper for top conferences in Computer Science - Academia Stack Exchange
Top. The top level.

My experience on program committees for STOC, FOCS, ITCS, SODA, SOCG, etc., is that there are FAR more submissions of publishable quality than can be accepted into the conference. By "publishable quality" I mean a well-written presentation of a novel, interesting, and non-trivial result within the scope of the conference.


There are several questions that come up over and over in the FOCS/STOC review cycle:

- How surprising / novel / elegant / interesting is the result?
- How surprising / novel / elegant / interesting / general are the techniques?
- How technically difficult is the result? Ironically, FOCS and STOC committees have a reputation for ignoring the distinction between trivial (easy to derive from scratch) and nondeterministically trivial (easy to understand after the fact).
- What is the expected impact of this result? Is this paper going to change the way people do theoretical computer science over the next five years?
- Is the result of general interest to the theoretical computer science community? Or is it only of interest to a narrow subcommunity? In particular, if the topic is outside the STOC/FOCS mainstream—say, for example, computational topology—does the paper do a good job of explaining and motivating the results to a typical STOC/FOCS audience?
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7 days ago by nhaliday
Advanced Programming Techniques for Modular Synthesizers
This web-based hypertext document
is intended to provide the advanced user of the
Clavia Nord Modular synthesizer with a toolbox of techniques for creating
complex and interesting patches. Although the emphasis is on the
Nord Modular, the techniques described in this
document can be applied to any modular synthesizer, from a modular Moog
to the Native Instruments Reaktor softsynth.
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14 days ago by gdw
Five ground rules for synthesis sessions – UX Collective
RT @uxdesigncc: Five ground rules for synthesis sessions – UX Collective
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17 days ago by adrianh

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