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Ableton's Operator - 13 advanced tips - Steve Angstrom - music
Thirteen advanced tips for Ableton Operator to create fatter, evolving sounds beyond the expected FM. From "Analog" effects such as PWM, to wave morphing
ableton  fm  synthesis  sounddesign 
3 days ago by meeb
EU/german work on shifting excess renewable energy to hydrogen cracking and synthetic methane production to supplement current nautral gas networks (and use them effectively as a national storage buffer)
power-to-gas  synfuel  methane  synthesis  production  energy  storage  hydrogen  electrolysis 
4 days ago by asteroza
Drop'n'play sampler: drop .WAV samples on the SD card, and play!
RaspberryPi  Audio  Synthesis  Samples  Open-Source 
7 days ago by haschek
Zynthian: the Open Synth Platform
An Open Platform for Sound Synthesis. Based on Raspberry Pi and Linux, its hardware specification is public and software is Open Source. It is fully hackable!
RaspberryPi  Audio  Synthesis  Open-Source 
7 days ago by haschek

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