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How to sync and connect: OP1 and Organelle with ORAC - YouTube
So the Organelle has some cooool effects you can use on the OP-1; but i don't think it's what I want because it'll process the whole output of the tape so it's basically a master bus effect.

Really, if I feed the OP-1 into something, that thing has to complement or replace the tape in the OP-1.
op-1  synth 
5 days ago by ssam
Getting Started in Sound Design using The 3 Rs - EDMProd
Don't know where to begin? Learn sound design using our tried and tested framework for learning fast, effectively and practically.
synth  tutorial 
8 days ago by lightningdb
Sound Design Workshop: Soloing for DJs - EMusician
Tips for successfully adding musical elements live over recorded tracks
DJ  prodution  synth 
8 days ago by lightningdb
I like it. But is it better than the Organelle
instrument  synth  open  source  hardware  music  to:consider 
8 days ago by ssam

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