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PEP 274 -- Dict Comprehensions |
>>> print {i : chr(65+i) for i in range(4)}
{0 : 'A', 1 : 'B', 2 : 'C', 3 : 'D'}
>>> print {k : v for k, v in someDict.iteritems()} == someDict.copy()
>>> print {x.lower() : 1 for x in list_of_email_addrs}
{'' : 1, '' : 1, '' : 1}
>>> def invert(d):
... return {v : k for k, v in d.iteritems()}
>>> d = {0 : 'A', 1 : 'B', 2 : 'C', 3 : 'D'}
>>> print invert(d)
{'A' : 0, 'B' : 1, 'C' : 2, 'D' : 3}
>>> {(k, v): k+v for k in range(4) for v in range(4)}
... {(3, 3): 6, (3, 2): 5, (3, 1): 4, (0, 1): 1, (2, 1): 3,
(0, 2): 2, (3, 0): 3, (0, 3): 3, (1, 1): 2, (1, 0): 1,
(0, 0): 0, (1, 2): 3, (2, 0): 2, (1, 3): 4, (2, 2): 4, (
2, 3): 5}
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4 days ago by dicewitch
"auto to stick" and Changing Your Style - Fluent C++
auto myWidget = Widget{42};
is (perhaps surprisingly) preferable to
Widget myWidget{42};
JonathanBoccara  C++  2018  Tutorial  syntax  auto  blog 
12 days ago by dlb
How I remember CSS Grid properties | Zell Liew
Zell Liew gives a concise breakdown of Grid properties to help you remember what they are without having to frantically Google them every time you need them.
ZellLiew  grid  CSS  howto  concise  syntax  properties  grid-template-columns  grid-template-rows  auto 
15 days ago by searchmeister

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