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Fix Time Machine Sparsebundle NAS Based Backup Errors | Garth Gillespie
This is a modification of an original post for use when you have a corrupt sparsebundle backup on a NAS (as opposed to an external drive attached to a router) and it needs to be repaired. The NAS is likely a hardware product from the likes of Netgear, Synology, Buffalo or QNap – or for those of us with a home-grown backup server running FreeNAS.

The error you may see is “Time Machine completed a verification of your backups. To improve reliability, Time Machine must create a new backup for you.” This can be fixed by following the below.
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11 days ago by hagure
Plattenkarussell | c't | Heise Select
Als Datenlager in einem NAS sind Festplatten schnell genug, und deutlich teurere SSDs wären totaler Overkill. 23 für NAS optimierte Laufwerke mussten ihre Eignung auf dem c’t-Prüfstand beweisen.
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17 days ago by thot
Synology NAS에 워드프레스 설치하기 (Nginx + PHP-FPM7 + MariaDB) – AlphaFactory
Synology NAS에 워드프레스 설치하기 (Nginx + PHP-FPM7 + MariaDB) via Instapaper
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19 days ago by Guju
Restoring files from TimeMachine backup on Synology – Mark’s Blog
mounting sparsebundle files on the synology, using hfs tmfs
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20 days ago by z0mbi3

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