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Unusual symbol on barge cranes - construction heavyequipment resolved | Ask MetaFilter
Those are maritime day shapes. I've been retired for a while, but I still instantly remembered that BALL-DIAMOND-BALL is the configuration for "Restricted in ability to maneuver." It is a signal to other ships to steer clear-- the barge is doing something (probably dredging) and it can't move around as much as it normally can.

Source: 12 years at sea. They are made of black fabric and metal rods, and you put them up in different combinations to send different messages. At night you use lights for the same thing. I have put many of them together in my life, and hoisted them aloft many many more times. Memories of time that won't come again (I hope).

Day shapes! (see also wikipedia page)
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22 days ago by madamim
Using MAP files – part 1 – HoppeRx – the cure for your ailing device
MAP files are a great tool to help when you are doing this, and they are your best tool for resolving the code addresses found on the stack.
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6 weeks ago by kort

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