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Mark & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Way to Override a Sketch Symbol with any RGB Color
As a Product Designer & Illustrator at Circle, it’s my job to manage and grow our custom icon set. I’ve built each icon according to the system Steve Stone outlined in Icon Sets with color override in Sketch.

We have symbols for all of our official brand colors, and a color instance is nested and masked within each icon symbol. When a designer places an icon on an artboard, they can recolor it with a simple override, replacing the default hue with any other in our brand palette.
sketch  humor  symbols 
8 days ago by Shoord
The Secret Language of Ships | Hakai Magazine
"Tugboat crews routinely encounter what few of us will ever see. They easily read a vessel’s size, shape, function, and features, while deciphering at a glance the mysterious numbers, letters, and symbols on a ship’s hull. To non-mariners, the markings look like hieroglyphs. For those in the know, they speak volumes about a particular ship and also about the shipping industry."
ships  symbols 
11 days ago by davewsmith
Avery Trufelman - 99pi (Oakland) - YouTube
"The Way Things Live

As one of the staff producers for the design podcast 99% Invisible, Avery Trufelman spends most of her time considering the intentions behind inanimate objects. She finds stories hidden in products we encounter every day, like fire escapes and neon signs, as well as oddities and architectural outliers around the world, from art schools in Havana to garbage trucks in Taipei.

Her talk, "The Way Things Live," is a meditation of sorts—a reconsidering of the overlaps in some of the episodes she has made in the past three years. Design stories are human stories: the objects that we make are reflections of us, and they live existences parallel to ours. They fall in and out of favor with changing tastes and mores, in rich, changing narratives, until eventually, some outlive us all."

[See also:
"The Fancy Shape"

"Octothorpe" ]
averytrufelman  2016  design  symbols  shapes  iconographicdrift  architecture  history  99pi  hashtags  technology  telephones  computers  chrismessina  dougkerr  belllabs 
18 days ago by robertogreco
Jan Losert | Digital Store
Carefully prepared Digital Design Store. Mobile Designs, Web Templates and Admin Dashboards with my own touch and personal style.
free  styleguide  symbols  plugin  sketch 
28 days ago by akalt
Metaprogramming in ES6: Symbols and why they're awesome
ES6 comes with a slew of new metaprogramming tools, which provide low level hooks into code mechanics. With these comes Symbols, here's a look…
es6  javascript  symbols  es2015  metaprogramming 
5 weeks ago by Glutnix

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