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Bovespa: Listed Companies
Consult Financial Statements, Material Facts, Reports and other important information about B3 listed companies.
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21 days ago by bsantanna
It's Nice That | "I'm not a designer – I was just an activist": how The Smiling Sun became one of history's most iconic logos
"The Smiling Sun is well known across the world as the face of the anti-nuclear power movement. Worn as badges, stuck on lampposts or held aloft as flags its gleeful grin has become synonymous with the fight for a world powered by renewable energy. Despite its widespread popularity, the logo’s designer has remained largely aloof. It’s Nice That managed to track down The Smiling Sun’s creator, Anne Lund – now a university lecturer – to find out more about how it came to be and how she feels looking back on it, four decades later."
symbols  history  nuclearpower  activism  denmark  1970s  smilingsun  1975  communication  annelund  language 
22 days ago by robertogreco
Why This Shitting Peasant Is the Christmas Symbol We Need Today | Current Affairs
Thus, while the commodification of el caganer might seem like a depressing development, in reality it should make us feel hopeful and emboldened. It shows that there is a demand for the rich and powerful to be humbled.
catalunya  christmas  tradition  capitalism  symbols 
4 weeks ago by hthief
Unicode Characters in the 'Symbol, Other' Category |
unicode  arrows  specialcharacters  symbols  reference  list 
7 weeks ago by kme

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