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Bug #1813385 “Pressing Super+1..9 should switch to the last used...” : Bugs : gnome-shell package : Ubuntu
Do these people really care about productivity, and why do they keep breaking shit? What was so wrong with Unity that it had to be dumped?
against  Ubuntu  window  switching  UX 
23 days ago by dandv
HDMI Switching 101: Add More HDMI Ports - HD Nation Clips - YouTube
HDMI Switching 101: Add More HDMI Ports - HD Nation Clips
HDMI  Switching  101:  Add  More  Ports  -  HD  Nation  Clips 
6 weeks ago by kilroy2
BecauseIAmMildlyAshamed - Off Limits
When his second rut hit, Katsuki was tempted to start reconsidering Izuku being off limits. It wouldn't be too weird, right? Ir's not like they were hanging out on their off days. While screaming into a pillow in a fit of frustration instead of rubbing himself raw, it seemed like a great idea.

Once his rut stared tapering off, he threw away the idea again.
Then the third rut hit, and Katsuki was officially over this bullshit.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2018  Rating:Explicit  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  Alpha-Beta-Omega  heat/rut-fic  first-time  friends-to-lovers  friends-with-benefits  aged-up-characters  switching  WIP  words:15.000-20.000 
7 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
Page Six
Words:66.841,Crime reporter Will Graham's column on page six of the Baltimore Sun garners him the attention of many: fans, hobby detectives, the FBI...and others.

Hannibal cut off a piece of meat with surgical precision. “I find your company rather engaging.” “Maybe I don't find you all that engaging.” Silence. Hannibal grinned. “I see that it will take more than one dinner to earn your forgiveness. Challenge accepted.”

한니발이 쉐프고 윌이 리포터인 AU. 다크 윌의 만족스러운 해피앤딩이다. 대체로 바텀 윌이지만 한번의 바텀한니발과 또한번의 모호한 묘사가 있다. 바텀 한니발이 좀더 많았으면 더 완벽했겠지만...그래도 만족한다.
ThisBeautifulDrowning  AU  will/hannibal  long  fluff  romance  top!hannibal  bottom!will  switching  dark!will  reporter!will  chef!hannibal  Cannibalism  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal 
october 2018 by engfordean
Building the Operating System for White Box Hardware
Today, we’re releasing our vision for an Open Architecture for a Disaggregated Network Operating System (dNOS). We hope it’s a conversation starter. We want to get hardware and software makers, open source developers, telecom companies, standards bodies and others to others to start thinking about how we can all push this concept forward.
You can read our whitepaper here.
networking  opensource  routing  switching 
july 2018 by euler
Karabiner - Software for macOS
» Karabiner - remap your keyboard #free #oss #macos #osx #emacs
keyboard  app  switching  toolchain  kvm  switcher  software  mac  osx  utility  oss  macos  free  emacs 
july 2018 by noahsussman

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