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Walkthrough - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Wiki Guide - IGN
The Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Walkthrough reveals the location of every KONG Letter and Puzzle Piece in the game.  Can't find one?  Select the level you're having trouble with below and we'll help you out. Note that the Puzzle Pieces, KONG Letter locations and Secret Exits are all documented in the Walkthrough pages.
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4 days ago by Juggularity
Barefoot Networks may have built the world's fastest networking switch chip | Computerworld
As its name implies, PISA doesn’t force switches to use any existing protocol, including TCP/IP (Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), the basic mechanism of most current data networks. About all that’s required for it to work is to make what comes out of the ports look like Ethernet packets.

That makes Barefoot’s switch architecture more software-defined than anything that’s come out of SDN (software-defined networking) to date, Burke said. In a way, it’s a next step for SDN. Barefoot’s founder and chief scientist, Nick McKeown, was one of the founders of Nicira Networks, the pioneering SDN startup that was acquired by VMware in 2012.
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5 days ago by euler
Home Page | Barefoot
Barefoot Tofino is the world’s first end-user programmable Ethernet switch. It is built using a Protocol Independent Switch Architecture (PISA) and is P4-programmable.
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5 days ago by euler
Barefoot Preps for 5G and IoT With Its Tofino Chip and the P4 Lan
One of Barefoot’s most-touted capabilities is that it enables programmability of the forwarding plane. “With the programmable chip what you can actually do is assign the resources to only the pieces you want, you can delete the features you don’t want and basically make your switch do the things that your network needs, and do it better,” said Jonnalagadda.
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5 days ago by euler

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