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Uncle Wiggily goes swimming, or, How the frog boys surprised the fox
Uncle Wiggily goes swimming, or, How the frog boys surprised the fox ; and, Uncle Wiggily distributes Thanksgiving cakes ; also, The bunny rabbit gentleman makes a kite
by Garis, Howard Roger, 1873-1962

1919 (1931 printing)
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Backstroke and beats: The International Swimming League hits town - a photo essay | Art and design | The Guardian
The Guardian picture essay
Backstroke and beats: The International Swimming League hits town - a photo essay

London has just played host the International Swimming League, with some of the biggest names in swimming - including Adam Peaty, Sarah Sjöström, Cate Campbell and Chad le Clos - on show. We were given exclusive access to the fast-paced event which featured pyrotechnics, music and back-to-back races

by Tom Jenkins
The Guardian. 25 November 2019
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Wild & Words
...passionate about adventures in the wild
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