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RT : So, Xcode 11 beta 2 includes the new Forms system. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone could show you exactly h…
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yesterday by gautam
Text recognition on iOS 13 with Vision, SwiftUI and Combine – martinmitrevski
Introduction This year, WWDC was full of new and exciting features. The biggest one was probably SwiftUI, Apple's new UI framework. However, there were a lot of other cool announcements, especially in the machine learning and augmented reality areas. Text recognition is now supported directly in the Vision framework. Previously, you would have to create…
2 days ago by nanoxd
Example of making a reusable `draggable()` modifier for SwiftUI Views
Example of making a reusable `draggable()` modifier for SwiftUI Views - DraggableView.swift
3 days ago by nanoxd
First impressions of SwiftUI
This article will look at how SwiftUI's approach to declarative views compares to CwlViews, why the two approaches differ and what Apple changed to make this possible. I'll end with some thoughts about how this will affect macOS and iOS development.
swift  swiftui 
3 days ago by HusseinMorsy
New blog post: I built a proof-of-concept tool to render to HTML.
While I'm not intending to turn it into…
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4 days ago by gkamp
SwiftUI 的一些初步探索 (一)
onevcat 写的文章,深入浅出。
6 days ago by mozlingyu

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