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Apple Updates Swift Playgrounds With New Augmented Reality Challenge
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3 days ago by NeoNacho
Creating custom collections in Swift — Swift by Sundell
Using custom collections can be a really powerful tool to handle groups of values in a more predictable and easy-to-use way. While it probably shouldn't always be your go-to solution as soon as you're dealing with multiple values, in the right situations it can really help you write cleaner code.

Understanding how things like collections work under the hood can also be really helpful when debugging, or to give you insight as to how code dealing with collections can be optimized. And what better way to learn more about collections than building your own? 😄
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3 days ago by cdzombak
All Hacking with Swift books now updated for Swift 4 | Swift Developer News – Hacking with Swift
I’m pleased to announce that all Hacking with Swift books are updated for Swift 4, available immediately:
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5 days ago by sriramv
Swift.org - Swift Local Refactoring
Walkthrough of how local refactorings are implemented for Swift in Xcode 9.
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7 days ago by cdzombak
This Week in Swift - #embracethenotch
My newsletter is out! , ❤️❤️❤️, iPhone X, Swift 4, Refactoring, 💩, Neutral 🙅, 🎶 & more!
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7 days ago by NeoNacho
Reading and Understanding the CMake in apple/swift
The latest in my compiler dev series: "Reading and Understanding the CMake in apple/swift"
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8 days ago by NeoNacho
OLFI TRAINING - Ohio LinuxFest
Reminder that I'm doing some training at the end of the month. No Macs required!
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13 days ago by genehack
Swift Developer News – Hacking with Swift
RT : Late on Friday I launched a new section of my site that provides news and articles – check it out!
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14 days ago by gautam
The Swift Compiler's Build System
My last post explained that invoking swift/utils/build-script compiles the C++ source code in the apple/swift project and produces a swift compiler executable.
15 days ago by skchrko
Release Canadidate of toolchain for available. Port of Alamofire joins sqlite in dev environmen…
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16 days ago by NeoNacho
Release Canadidate of toolchain for available. Port of Alamofire joins sqlite in dev environmen…
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16 days ago by mnem
RT : We’re running live training on September 22 + 23! Come join us!
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17 days ago by parisba

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