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Teaching App Development with Swift - Swift Education
Engage students with a project-based curriculum, and guide students in creating iOS apps. Adopt projects and lesson plans to fit your course and different learning styles. Create real apps that teach students Swift, the iOS SDK, and the Apple developer toolset.
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3 days ago by GameGamer43
RT : Introducing —ship five-star apps faster and with more confidence. Now for , , Java,…
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6 days ago by pfleidi
This Week in Swift - 🐥🇮🇳🎉
Dictionary and Set Improvements, Swift Layout Priorities, DeviceCheck, View-State, 🥑 🍞 & more!
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9 days ago by twleung
. 's talk is out! Exploring Natural Language Processing 🤓
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19 days ago by NeoNacho
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If any native app developers are looking for a new opportunity
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21 days ago by seydoggy
(429) https://twitter.com/genehack/status/922523483153813506/photo/1
Last call, — come hear how awesome is! 306C, alllllll the way down at the end.
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29 days ago by genehack
Многопоточность (concurrency) в Swift 3. GCD и Dispatch Queues / Хабрахабр
Надо сказать, что многопоточность (сoncurrency) в iOS всегда входит в вопросы, задаваемые на интервью разработчикам iOS приложений, а также в число топ ошибок, которые делают программисты при...
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5 weeks ago by skchrko
Swift.org - Dictionary and Set Improvements in Swift 4.0
In the latest release of Swift, dictionaries and sets gain a number of new methods and initializers that make common tasks easier than ever. Operations like grouping, filtering, and transforming values can now be performed in a single step, letting you write more expressive and efficient code.
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6 weeks ago by cdzombak

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