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#Pragma Conference 2017 - Soroush Khanlou - You Deserve Nice Things - YouTube
Soroush Khanlou will be talking about when and why to add extensions to system classes. He'll also give a number of practical examples that you can take home and apply to your code.
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yesterday by cdzombak
choefele/swift-lambda-app: Amazon Lambda app with Swift and Docker
This repo contains code and scripts to quickly get you started with writing Swift apps for AWS Lambda, Amazon's serverless computing platform. It contains:

• A sample Lambda app that implements a custom skill for Amazon's Alexa Voice Service using AlexaSkillsKit
• A setup to develop and test the app in your development environment
• Scripts to build the app for the Lambda target environment
• Integration tests to proof you app is working before deploying to Lambda
• Instructions on deploying the app to Lambda (either manually or using Serverless)
swiftlang  lang:swift  is:repo  aws_lambda  docker  alexa 
6 days ago by cdzombak
SE-0195 — Introduce User-defined "Dynamic Member Lookup" Types - Evolution / Proposal Reviews - Swift Forums
The Core Team met on Wednesday, January 31 to discuss the proposal and the feedback from the review.
18 days ago by cdzombak
Writing a simple Pascal interpreter in Swift
About a month ago I stumbled on a series of blog post called Let’s build a simple interpreter by Ruslan Spivak. In these blog posts the author write about building a simple interpreter for the Pascal programming language in Python. It is very well written and explained, I would even say that all the concepts are explained better than in the compiler course I took at the university.
Swift  Apple_Swift  SwiftLang  Pascal  Compiler_Programming  Compilers 
19 days ago by GameGamer43
A view construction syntax
In this article, I’m going to look at constructing Cocoa views in code.

On its own, that’s not a particularly daring idea but I’m going to use a unique syntax to aid the process:

.text -- model.map { $0.name },
.enabled -- true

This code trades conventional parameter: value syntax for a custom .parameter -- value syntax and uses this change to offer a few advantages: dynamic and constant options with no syntactic overhead, support for parameters inherited through the class hierarchy, support for large numbers of optional parameters without needing to push unused parameters onto the stack, avoidance of parentheses, and avoiding the need to specify types – all while remaining completely typesafe.

I’ll be looking at how this syntax is implemented and the various tricks it uses to make the Swift type system do all the menial work.
uikit  initialization  swiftlang  cocoa  reactiveprogramming  CwlViews 
24 days ago by cdzombak

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