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HarshilShah/DeckTransition: A library to recreate the iOS 10 Apple Music now playing transition
DeckTransition - A library to recreate the iOS 10 Apple Music now playing transition
ios  Swift 
22 hours ago by nanoxd
angelolloqui/SwiftKotlin: A tool to convert Swift code to Kotlin.
SwiftKotlin is a framework, a command line tool and a Mac application for translating Swift code into Kotlin. It applies transformations to the Swift code to get as correct as possible Kotlin code (see limitations below). It does string transformations as well as some more complicated ones like transforming guard statements to negative if statements, properties, memory management and many others. It comes with a desktop Mac application to copy & paste your code, as well as a command line tool to transform a complete project to Kotlin.
swift  kotlin 
yesterday by dlkinney
Forge/README.markdown at master · hollance/Forge · GitHub
Forge is a collection of helper code that makes it a little easier to construct deep neural networks using Apple's MPSCNN framework.
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yesterday by dlkinney

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