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A Beginner's Guide to Protocols and Protocol Extensions in Swift | AppCoda
So, according to the creators of the Swift language, protocols are a good way to define a set of required functionality that other types can adopt. When I think of protocols, I like to think that protocols provide information about what a type can do, not necessarily what it is. Classes and structs provide you with information about what an object is, but protocols provide you with information about what an object does.
swift  protocols 
3 days ago by adityadaniel
How to Animate Input Text View Height
A StackOverflow answer on how to animate the height change of a inputTextView in iOS.
iOS  swift  programming  stackoverflow 
3 days ago by KyleHughes
On Apple's Love Affair With Swift - Stefan Lesser
Great answer to a post belittling Swift and its usefulness.
comparison  swift  objc 
4 days ago by aleck

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