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Namespaces In Swift - Cocoacasts
The first Swift pattern I use in every project that has any complexity to it is namespacing with enums and structs. Swift modules make the need for class prefixes obsolete. In Objective-C, it is a best practice to use a class prefix to avoid naming collisions with other libraries and frameworks, including Apple’s. Even though modules are an important step forward, they are not as flexible as many of us would want them to be. Swift currently doesn’t offer a solution to namespace types and constants within modules. A very common problem I run into when working with Swift is defining constants in such a way that they are easy to understand by anyone working on the project. In Objective-C, this would look something like this. NSString * const CCAPIBaseURL = @"https://example.com/v1"; NSString * const CCAPIToken = @"sdfiug8186qf68qsdf18389qsh4niuy1"; This works fine, but it isn’t pretty and easy to read. Even though Swift doesn’t support namespaces within modules, there are several viable solutions to this problem
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Xcode: A Better Way to Deal with Storyboards – iOS App Development – Medium
Apple have made the great improvements in the Interface Builder in Xcode 8. Using the size classes became more intuitive, ability to zoom your storyboard is very convenient, and the full preview…
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yesterday by Xmath
Untitled (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-st1-DpKHI)
The first of my talks is online! Check out "A Modest Introduction to " & lemme know what you think!
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