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Sweet Potato Tortilla Soup - Pinch of Yum
2/2019 1/2 recipe, 2 pts left over -- poured over rice which gave the whole thing enough body. Not so spicy in spite of 1 roasted NM green chile, 1 chipotle. Added 1 c pintos. Worth working on. +
soup  sweet.potato  Mexican 
19 days ago by susing
sweet potato with lentils | Food | The Guardian
+ used masoor dal (whole/lentils) - soaked in scalded water; use lentils for lots of things, add veg?
lentils  red.lentils  sweet.potato 
10 weeks ago by susing
Barbecue Chickpea Sweet Potato Burgers | The Vegan 8
++ but the bbq sauce is vapid -- any tomato sauce/puree would work
sweet.potato  burger  chickpea 
august 2018 by susing

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