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Kojniken Sweater by Karukinka — Kickstarter
The Kojniken Sweater by Karukinka is made in Patagonia, and each detail is carefully planned and executed. The slow-fashion garment is made from high-end merino, llama, and alpaca. And these garments are made in partnership with the Ona Foundation — an org that ensures working conditions for garment workers are taken care of at both the work and community levels. Good stuff all around.
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7 weeks ago by doglord
This Is the Last Work Hoodie You’ll Ever Need
1620's Work Hoodie isn't cheap, but it is rugged enough for years of work and offers a surprising level of customization.
menswear  sweater  gearpatrol 
april 2019 by geglover
Dachstein Woolwear Military Cardigan Sweater - Sweater Chalet
Throw this Dachstein Woolwear Kamgarn wool cardigan sweater on and be ready for the adventure of your life!  Made in Austria of 100% fine Kamgarn wool, this Dachstein zippered wool cardigan sweater is perfect for military and civilian use.
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december 2018 by danesparza
Dale of Norway Haukeli Sweater for Men - Sweater Chalet
A masculine design, inspired by the historical "Valknut" symbol. This is a knot with no opening, beginning or end, symbolizing that it is unbreakable by evil forces and used for protection against black magic. Named after Haukeli, a mountain area located in the central part of Norway.
clothes  clothing  christmas  sweater  shop 
december 2018 by danesparza
Seinfeld Festivus For The Rest Of Us Pole Sweater
Who doesn’t love Seinfeld? Fans of Seinfeld with appreciate your ugly Seinfeld Festivus sweaters this holiday season. Festivus is something to be celebrated, indeed
sweater  clothes  clothing  shop  christmas 
december 2018 by danesparza
Cascade Yarns Eco Wool Manly Henley
Tip from Linnéa L at Digpro. She used fewer, and slightly larger, buttons. Looked at lot better on her IRL than in the pattern photo :)
knitting  sweater  wool  pattern 
december 2018 by anso
The Best Cashmere Sweaters for $100 or Less
Not sure where to turn for an affordable cashmere sweater? From Everlane to Uniqlo, these are the best options around $100.
menswear  cashmere  sweaters  sweater  gearpatrol 
december 2018 by geglover

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