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Becoming Yourself
Varied stories of the Swat trans experience.
transissues  via:ricerurouni  swarthmore 
january 2017 by UltraNurd
How To Talk To Your Kids About Race - Role Reboot
This is something I need to refer to a lot. Especially as Theo notices differences between himself and Aye among others.
parenting  blag  racialissues  swarthmore 
november 2015 by UltraNurd
The First Nations of Catan: Practices in Critical Modification | Analog Game Studies
Interesting game rule variant to address frontier myth portrayal of "unsettled wilderness" in Catan. Of *course* he's a Swattie.
swarthmore  gamedesign  boardgames  colonialism  blag 
november 2015 by UltraNurd
Making A Hash of Things
Nice high level overview of the math behind hash functions used for storing passwords.
pdf  cryptography  swarthmore  maths 
october 2015 by UltraNurd
I think this gets at the core of why it's so hard to get metrics in education.
blag  academia  neoliberalism  swarthmore  obamaadministration  education  liberalarts  timothyburke 
october 2015 by UltraNurd

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