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WTF is a personal information dashboard for your terminal, developed for those who spend most of their day in the command line.

It allows you to monitor services and systems that you otherwise might keep browser tabs open for, the kinds of things you don’t always need visible, but might check in on every now and then.
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23 days ago by Volgar
1Password Store
The well-hidden 1Password license shop.
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4 weeks ago by Volgar
Keynote speech by Peter Norvig is director of research at Google, Inc.
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5 weeks ago by Volgar
Software Testing Anti-patterns · Codepipes Blog
In this article I wanted to take a step back and catalog some high-level testing anti-patterns that are technology agnostic. Hopefully you will recognize some of these patterns regardless of your favorite programming language.
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5 weeks ago by Volgar
xparrot | on The Last Jedi
Ultimately, it comes down to this: While a major theme of the original trilogy is about seeing the good in anyone, about (cheesy as it may be) the power of love and compassion, the theme of this trilogy so far seems to be the opposite. Good people are good (even if they make mistakes) and bad people are bad. Finn is a good person, so stormtrooper brainwashing doesn't have any effect on him (while all those other stormtroopers are bad people so can be killed without compunction). While as conversely, reaching out to Kylo Ren does no good; he will always choose the Dark Side.
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6 weeks ago by runpunkrun

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