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SVG Filters: The Crash Course - Sara Soueidan - btconfMUC2018 on Vimeo
When it comes to graphical effects on the Web, CSS has already come a long way in the last few years, with the introduction of CSS filters and blend modes a few years back. However, when compared to effects available in graphics editors such as Photoshop and the likes, CSS is still behind, by far. But SVG, on the other hand, is not that far behind.
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yesterday by siggiarni
SVG Tutorial - SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics | MDN
SVG Tutorial Scalable Vector Graphics, SVG, is a W3C XML dialect to mark up graphics. It is partially implemented in Firefox, Opera, WebKit browsers, Internet Explorer and other browsers. This tutorial aims to explain the internals of SVG and is packed with technical details. via Pocket
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yesterday by jeremyday
Free Vector Line Icons (SVG, PNG, PSD, CSH, EPS, Icon Font and more)
Linearicons is the highest quality set of line icons, matching with minimalist UI designs in iOS. This icon pack was designed on a 20×20 grid with a lot of care, resulting in crisp and pixel perfect icons. Both free and premium versions are easy to use in any platform including iOS and Android.
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yesterday by orlin
Animated SVG Radial Progress Bars
Using a single path SVG, a smidge of CSS, and ~6 lines of JavaScript
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yesterday by spaceninja
Create graphics with a hand-drawn, sketchy, appearance
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yesterday by rsgranne
MIT licensed illustrations for every project you can imagine and create
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yesterday by jwd

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