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SQIP - SVG-based LQIP technique
SVG-based LQIP technique. Image placeholders are a thing: from grey boxes in skeleton screens over boxes that show the predominant color of the image that will later occupy the space and CSS color gradients made from two dominant colors up to actual low quality raster images downscaled to a few pixels, saved in low quality and then blurred to provide a preview of image contents.

Many major players have adopted one of these image placeholder techniques: Guypo incepted LQIP in 2012 and Akamai adopted it as part of their image optimization tools, Google started using colored placeholders a long time ago, Facebook, Pinterest and Medium made a significant impact with their LQIP implementations and the most popular JS libraries for responsive images include LQIP implementations.
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21 hours ago by liqweed
PNG in SVG Umwandeln (Online & Kostenlos) — Convertio
Convertio — Einfaches Tool für die Online-Konvertierung von PNG- in SVG-Dateien. Für mac & windows. Kein Download erforderlich.
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yesterday by syrabo
Free and continuously growing high quality icons
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2 days ago by braposo
Using SVG as placeholders 
Image-loading techniques with SVG placeholders
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2 days ago by angusm
How to use SVG as a Placeholder, and Other Image Loading Techniques
How to use SVG as a Placeholder, and Other Image Loading Techniques
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2 days ago by kerolic
Primitive for macOS
Recreate your photos with vector-based geometric primitives.
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2 days ago by kerolic
Transform svg files to json notation
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2 days ago by jklapinski

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