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has become a hot topic recently with many companies following the path, is it possible to sa…
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3 days ago by davidorban
The social ideology of the motorcar – Uneven Earth
The car has made the big city uninhabitable. It has made it stinking, noisy, suffocating, dusty, so congested that nobody wants to go out in the evening anymore. Thus, since cars have killed the city, we need faster cars to escape on superhighways to suburbs that are even farther away. What an impeccable circular argument: give us more cars so that we can escape the destruction caused by cars.

From being a luxury item and a sign of privilege, the car has thus become a vital necessity. You have to have one so as to escape from the urban hell of the cars. Capitalist industry has thus won the game: the superfluous has become necessary.
capitalism  cars  sustainability  infrastructure  human 
3 days ago by nathanwentworth
Fronius Ohmpilot
The Fronius Ohmpilot is a consumption regulator designed to use excess solar power to heat water
solar  sustainability 
3 days ago by jhealy

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