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Find out where your nearest community supported agriculture (CSA) farm is
"Find out where your nearest community supported agriculture (CSA) farm is or put your own farm on our map!"
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14 hours ago by magnusc
What We’ve Learned from Dieter Rams, and What We’ve Ignored | The New Yorker
Rams is still living with products that he designed or purchased in the nineteen-sixties, whereas we are forced to upgrade our buttonless rectangles every few years. He is also responsible for the dominant technological aesthetic of our age: smoothness. ...

But fetishization isn’t the point that audiences should take away. “In reality the design is meant to disappear; it is meant to be the structure for everyday life,” Fanning says, echoing the fifth principle in Rams’s oft-invoked Ten Principles of Good Design: “Good design is unobtrusive.”...

“the rapid obsolescence and environmental impact of these devices sits uneasily against Rams’s advocacy of long-lasting, durable design.”

The minute design twitches of each year’s Apple launch are a far cry from the revolutionary change that the click wheel ushered in. Newfangled ports, rose-gold backs, the elimination of the home button—these don’t change our relationships to our phones, except to annoy. Seeing Fukasawa’s hands on the T3, I am reminded again that Apple is no longer making small phones for those of us who are perfectly comfortable with our small hands. The technological future Rams imagined in 1958 was tactile and user-friendly. Dongles would horrify him....

I recently read John Carreyrou’s book, “Bad Blood,” about the exposure of the Theranos fraud, and realized that Rams’s influence, via Apple, had been passed on to a new generation as an aesthetic rather than as an ethic. Theranos’s Elizabeth Holmes hired designers from the Apple team, and insisted for years that her blood-testing system fit inside a tabletop monochrome box—as if a toaster and a laboratory could and should look the same...

The new-products division at Braun, founded in the mid-sixties, focussed on new categories of objects for personal grooming and the desktop, which required even more attention to shape, color, and tactility. In a world where the On button is endangered, there’s something wonderfully clear about Rams and Lubs’s calculator’s green On and red Off buttons, rounded to meet the fingertip. In a world where even home coffeemakers bristle with nozzles and switches, there’s something wonderfully soothing about the Braun kitchen appliances, most of which have a single toggle switch.
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yesterday by shannon_mattern
Innovation Award of Kering x Plug and Play
"The Kering Sustainable Innovation Award is dedicated to accelerating sustainable innovation in the Luxury and fashion sectors in China. Inspired by Kering’s motto Crafting Tomorrow’s Luxury, Kering initiated this program – powered by its partner, Silicon Valley-originated VC Plug and Play – to identify promising change-making startups and technologies in Greater China.
in order to identify innovative solutions along the entire apparel value chain, from alternative raw materials to circular technologies to extend product life. From biodegradable glitter and fabrics made from algae to new ecological dyeing processes and breakthrough technologies for clothing recycling today Kering has given support to over 50 start-ups who have graduated from the Fashion for Good-Plug and Play Accelerator."


1. Alternative raw materials: Solutions that could modernize or be replacements for leather, silk, other natural fibers, etc. Focus areas such as biotech solutions, bio-based plastics, new fibers, regenerative agriculture, etc.

2. Supply chain: Decreasing impacts in the supply chain through technologies that will reduce water, waste and chemical usage and improve production and energy efficiency. For example, low impact dyeing, new processes to customise or automate cut-make-trim, and solutions enabling supply chain traceability.

3. Retail & Use: Solutions that reduce the environmental impacts of retail processes. For example, efficient packaging, retail store energy management, etc. Also, new ways to increase the awareness of sustainable fashion among consumers and make this lifestyle more influential in the Chinese market. For example, omni-channel communication, social marketing, building brand transparency, etc. Also focusing on solutions to improve livelihoods for people working along the supply chain.

4. Circular economy: Transforming materials waste into new products and extending the lifecycle of existing products are powerful ways to reduce impact. For example, chemical recycling, mechanical recycling, repurposing and upcycling, re-commerce platforms, etc.


The jury is composed of individuals with extensive knowledge of the fashion, Luxury, entrepreneurship, sustainability and innovation fields. This jury includes Jinqing Cai, President of Kering Greater China; Burak Cakmak, Dean of Fashion at Parsons School of Design; Hung Huang, a writer and top media influencer; Ma Jun, Founding Director of the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs; Katrin Ley, Managing Director of Fashion for Good; Susan Rockefeller, a well-known figure in the world of art, philanthropy and sustainability; Wang Shi, an entrepreneur focused on green construction, forest conservation, biodiversity, and climate change; Jane Zhen Wang, President of Erdos Cashmere Group; Guoxin Yin, Chairman of Chenfeng Group.

Launched together with Plug and Play on December 7th, 2018 in Beijing with Peter Xu, Executive Director and CEO of Plug and Play China. Other participants such as Carol Chyau, CEO of Shokay or Shaway Yeh, Founder of YehYehYeh.

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2 days ago by eocas
Recycling Technologies
"Developed a machine, the RT7000, to recycle plastics in a more commercially attractive way. RT7000 turns plastic waste into a product they call Plaxx®, for use in processes for making new plastic and wax products."

Can recycle of up to 90% of residual plastics with these five modules (each fitting into a ship container):

Module 1: Thermal Cracker
A fluidised bed containing of hot thermo-granules continuously circulating from/to the Regenerator
Heat transferred into the plastic cracks long-chain molecules into shorter-chain hydrocarbons
Hydrocarbon vapour is treated to remove solids and refined to remove unwanted chemicals
Controlling the temperature and flow allows different volumes of individual Plaxx fractions to be produced.

Module 2: Regenerator
Light hydrocarbon gas (e.g. methane, ethane) from the distillation modules arrives into the Regenerator
Used as a fuel to heat the thermo-granules to 850-900°C for circulation back to the Thermal Cracker.

Module 3: Plaxx Distillation
Hydrocarbon vapour from the Thermal Cracker is condensed into Plaxx and discharged to storage.

Module 4: Light Gas Distillation
Light hydrocarbon gas is distilled and fed into the Regenerator.

Module 5: Flue Gas Treatment
Any remaining gas in the Regenerator is passed into the Flue Gas Treatment module for clean-up already available on site.

Plaxx is a ultra low sulphur oil, cut into four fractions (Petrochemical Feedstock, Low Sulphur Fuel Oils, Petroleum Waxes) which have applications in multiple industrial sectors and can be sold individually.

Note from industry insider:
There are quite a few companies doing it (esp. the USA over many years) but scaling has been an issue. The whole case effectively is an undertaking of doing less bad - its end of pipe is not really getting to the root of the problem. Ergo: It's better than doing nothing.

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2 days ago by eocas
Ben & Jerry’s blockchain will offset your carbon (scoop)print
At the London ice cream shop Ben & Jerry’s opened last month, the company kicked off a blockchain initiative to let customers offset their carbon footprint.
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5 days ago by apolaine
Give your hair the (vegan) treatment
The world’s largest beauty company, Paris-based L’Oreal, announced the release of Botanea: its first line of 100 percent plant-based hair dye
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5 days ago by apolaine
Growth with Decarbonization Is Not an Oxymoron
"Optimism would be rooted in the potential for new industrial processes and niche examples to be so attractive as to rapidly grow and spread. Pessimism is rooted in the evidence to date that policy—renewable incentives aside—is more timid and more resistant to change than technology itself. But in neither case, I would argue, do the statistics of past aggregate trends really indicate the constraints on what is possible. "
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6 days ago by magnusc

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