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the chronicles of stiles' sofa - Donatello
Stiles doesn't trust Derek, and he's almost positive that Derek will never trust him, either, but that's the one thing that they can trust about one another. They can trust that mutual distrust above all things.
first-time  fluff  angst  cuddling  hurt/comfort  morning-after  suspicion/betrayal  mourning  pining!stiles  word:30-50k  #teenwolf  web:ao3  rating:pg-13  *derek/stiles  *derek/kate  writer:donatello 
august 2012 by christycorr
The Uses of Sorrow - lurrel
 "Arthur's learned this lesson before."

Arthur is working for Saito at Fischer-Morrow. Robert notices.
first-time  mission-quest-thing  futurefic  !! ❤  suspicion/betrayal  word:5-10k  #inception  web:ao3  rating:nc-17  *arthur/robert  writer:lurrel 
may 2012 by christycorr
Loaded March - Footloose
The reason SAS Captain Arthur Pendragon can't keep a communications specialist in Team Excalibur because none of them are good enough. And then Lieutenant Merlin Emrys gets assigned to his squad, and Arthur does everything he can to prove that Merlin isn't good enough, either. Except he is.

'Loaded March' extras:
first-time  oblivious/pining  ust  alcohol  pining!arthur  pining!merlin  secret-reveal  once-and-future  protective!arthur  war  suspicion/betrayal  hurt/comfort  insomnia  morning-after  gossip  hijinks  flatmates  wip  excalibur  outsider-pov  mission-quest-thing  fluff  au  magic!au  modern!au  war!au  spy!au  !! ❤  word:100k+  #merlin  web:ao3  rating:nc-17  *arthur/merlin  *gawaine/percival  *leon/morgana  *gwen/lancelot  writer:footloose 
may 2012 by christycorr
Heroes for Ghosts - trinsy_fics
He tells himself he’s healing because it sounds healthy and well-adjusted and like him, and James has stopped showing up to contradict him.
mwpp-era  trio-era  post-hogwarts  halloween-1981  suspicion/betrayal  deathfic  full-moon  angst  word:1-5k  #hp  web:ao3  rating:pg  *remus/tonks  writer:trinsy-fics 
april 2012 by christycorr
Seven Ways of Going - GloriaMundi
Arthur likes to find his inspiration in other people's dreams. Mal holds the secrets of a princess in a tower. Eames wants to cross the bridge and burn it behind him. And Saito's most popular author can't (or won't) finish her greatest work...
established  mission-quest-thing  angst  projection!sex  ust  suspicion/betrayal  !! ❤  au  crime!au  canon!au  kidfic  word:30-50k  #inception  web:ao3  rating:nc-17  *arthur/eames  *mal/dom  writer:gloriamundi 
february 2012 by christycorr
The Trembling of the Migratory Birds - eretria
Saito's job referral draws Arthur, Eames, and Ariadne together for an extraction in Finland that proves unexpectedly dangerous and difficult, pushing the three of them past all limits and into a precarious and tender three-cornered relationship. In which Ariadne loses the future she'd planned, Eames loses the past he thought he'd already thrown away, and Arthur loses his distance, secrets are revealed and a dance for two becomes a tango for three.
mission-quest-thing  alcohol  first-time  flatmates  morning-after  hurt/comfort  insomnia  ust  suspicion/betrayal  threesome  voyeurism  angst  !!! asdfghjkl;  recced  word:100k+  #inception  web:ao3  rating:nc-17  *arthur/eames  *arthur/ariadne  *ariadne/eames  *ariadne/arthur/eames  writer:eretria 
february 2012 by christycorr
Alone Among the Wreck - latenightcuppa
This is what you get for being the only son of forgotten Bavarian royalty, the last vestige of an ancient, magical line, left to rot amongst some pretty skirts and terrible attempts at intelligent conversation.
dumbledore-era  character-study  hallows  kidfic  suspicion/betrayal  word:1-5k  #hp  web:ao3  rating:pg-13  *albus/gellert  writer:latenightcuppa 
january 2012 by christycorr
A Curious Carriage of Crystal and Cold - etharei
Charles, a miner from a poor village in the countryside, saves the life of Erik Lehnsherr, scion of a successful business family and the richest man on Eisen. Charles is a telepath and somewhat anxious about it, while Erik abstains from relationships because the lights flicker and doors open and electronics vibrate when he gets too excited.

Also features a long-suffering sister, a foul-mouthed bodyguard, and a best friend with a heart that is definitely not gold.

In which there are princes, spaceships, long journeys, and old secrets uncovered. (An AU sci-fi fairytale)
au  angst  crossover  first-time  ust  alcohol  royalty!au  space!au  politics!au  character-study  mission-quest-thing  hurt/comfort  gossip  flatmates  hijinks  politics  post-war  suspicion/betrayal  morning-after  telepathy  war  walking!charles  telepathy-abuse  recced  word:100k+  #xmfc  #avengers  web:ao3  rating:nc-17  *erik/charles  writer:etharei  !!! asdfghjkl;  from instapaper
december 2011 by christycorr
Floating in Sunbeams - zihna
“Raven,” Siri whispers, and the moonlight streams silver onto his scales. He’s a chameleon, a rabbit, a fluttering bird, landing on her shoulder and digging with tiny claws. “Raven, someone’s coming.”

Or, X-Men: First Class with daemons.

[Part of the 'daemon 'verse']
crossover  au  daemon!au  character-study  missing-scene  first-time  suspicion/betrayal  telepathy  angst  !! ❤  word:5-10k  #xmfc  #hdm  web:ao3  rating:pg-13  *darwin/alex  writer:zihna 
december 2011 by christycorr
The Placebo Sequence - snegurochka_lee
Harry Potter has only ever had two goals in life: to defeat Voldemort and to bring his followers to justice. One, he's done. The other is in progress. It should be simple, except there's one former Death Eater who doesn't meet the right criteria.
ewe  dark!au  au  angst  mission-quest-thing  trio-era  post-hogwarts  darkfic  deathfic  first-time  suspicion/betrayal  listfic  infidelity  word:5-10k  #hp  web:ao3  rating:nc-17  *draco/harry  *harry/ginny  writer:snegurochka 
december 2011 by christycorr
Boden's Mate - kaydeefalls
XMFC/Inception fusion AU. Erik is an extractor, Alex is his point man. They're assembling a team to go after the most dangerous mind in dreamsharing: Sebastian Shaw. But unless Alex and the team can keep him in check, Erik's desire for vengeance might just rip the whole job apart around them -- and then there's the shade that haunts his dreams...

[Sequel: 'Queen's Gambit']
crossover  au  crime!au  modern!au  character-study  angst  darkfic  mission-quest-thing  outsider-pov  pining!erik  deathfic  established  hurt/comfort  oblivious/pining  suspicion/betrayal  movie-based!au  word:50-100k  #xmfc  #inception  !! ❤  web:ao3  rating:pg-13  *erik/charles  writer:kaydeefalls 
november 2011 by christycorr
Crime and Medicine - eleveninches
Arthur found himself staring deeply into Eames' eyes, which were very serious. "Don't worry," Eames assured him, "I'm a level eighty-five ret paladin."
age!au  student!au  au  crack  fluff  humour  mission-quest-thing  pining!eames  first-time  politics  suspicion/betrayal  ust  recced  !!! asdfghjkl;  word:30-50k  #inception  web:ao3  rating:nc-17  *arthur/eames  writer:eleveninches  geeky 
november 2011 by christycorr
The Parting of the Seas - cityofmist
People are dying, and Charles has to do something. Erik makes a rather serious error of judgment.
futurefic  telepathy  suspicion/betrayal  gen  word:1-5k  #xmfc  web:lj  rating:pg  writer:cityofmist 
october 2011 by christycorr
Jamais Vu - thehoyden
"Simply put, dear Arthur, we go off to dreamland, I ask you some questions--"

"And then we see how long it takes for you to shoot him," Yusuf finishes.
rating:nc-17  !! ❤  pining!eames  ust  suspicion/betrayal  fluff  first-time  oblivious/pining  word:5-10k  #inception  web:ao3  *arthur/eames  writer:thehoyden 
september 2011 by christycorr
Despoiled - astolat
Of all the many things Merlin had ever worried about getting arrested for, despoiling the king's ward hadn't been one of them.
jealousy  humour  first-time  angst  ust  alcohol  suspicion/betrayal  morning-after  secret-reveal  hijinks  gossip  !! ❤  word:10-30k  #merlin  web:ao3  rating:nc-17  *arthur/merlin  writer:astolat 
september 2011 by christycorr
(Self-)Preservation - sometimesophie
The king has been ever more obsessed since Merlin. Searching through the surrounding villages, posting guards at the castle gates to check anyone who enters. The executioner has been kept busy these last few months.
angst  suspicion/betrayal  secret-reveal  merlin-leaves  pre-slash  word:1-5k  #merlin  web:lj  rating:pg  *arthur/merlin  writer:sometimesophie 
september 2011 by christycorr
To Be Known - sometimesophie
So this is what it felt like to be normal. Merlin opens his eyes to the cool, shining metal of Arthur's unsheathed blade. "Sorcerer," Arthur spits.
angst  suspicion/betrayal  secret-reveal  pre-slash  word:1-5k  #merlin  web:lj  rating:pg  *arthur/merlin  writer:sometimesophie 
september 2011 by christycorr

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