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It’s Not a Coup, It’s the Westminster System in Meltdown (But MPs Can Still Stop No Deal) | Novara Media
An abuse of power is not a coup. The truth is the British constitution is designed for precisely the former, placing extraordinary power in the hands of the executive while forsaking strong institutional checks elsewhere. The precise extent of our system is presently being tested by Johnson. And yet the response must be a simple one: the country needs not only economic renewal but a political revolution, with a bill of rights, the end to unelected legislators, and clear, specified protocol around things like referendums.

The Westminster system has evolved precisely so that the executive can act in a quasi-dictatorial manner. It is not a new feature but its default direction for decades. The first step to changing things is not deceiving ourselves.

Importantly for now, this can still be stopped – but calling Johnson’s latest move a coup absolves Tory ‘rebels’ and Liberal Democrats from their historic responsibility: to vote down this government and install Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister to stop No Deal.
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Boris Johnson’s intention is clear: he wants a ‘people v parliament’ election | Tom Kibasi | Opinion | The Guardian
So why would the public believe what Johnson says? The real secret of populists, from Donald Trump to Matteo Salvini to Johnson, is the conflation of transgression with truthfulness. The willingness to engage in bigotry and violate hard-won social norms against racist, homophobic or misogynistic language convinces people that these politicians “speak their mind” and “say what they think”. Paradoxically, their lack of virtue confirms their veracity.

Their bigotry is the result of calculation rather than miscalculation – and the predictable howls of outrage from critics only serves to amplify the message. The upcoming election will turn on whether Johnson is found out for what he is: Trump with a thesaurus, whose real agenda of a Brexit for the elite is disguised behind the thin veneer of a few spending announcements that come after a desperate decade of the degradation of Britain at home and abroad.
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What Boris Johnson's plan to prorogue parliament really means
Has Boris Johnson found a way to stop parliament from preventing the United Kingdom leaving the European Union without a deal?

The government will seek to extend the conference recess – the period in which parliament does not sit in order to hold the Labour and Conservative Party conferences – to 14 October, in a bid to leave MPs with just the time between 2 September to the 11, and from 14 October to 31 October, to legislate to prevent no deal.

It would sidestep the statutory obligations placed on the government in July. But look closer and the move isn’t as significant or as game-changing as it looks. Parliament’s opponents of no deal already don’t have very much time left to legislate to prevent no deal. That’s why one of the things that opposition leaders agreed to at yesterday’s meeting on ways to stop no deal was that they must seek to cancel the conference recess.

Frankly, as far as the government’s commitment to no deal is concerned, this row is pretty pointless: if there is a majority for the scale of legislative action to stop no deal, there is a majority for the considerably less controversial move to truncate the conference recess in order to pursue that legislative action. If the government can do this, they don’t really need to.

But what it does do is it sets up a showdown in parliament next week that would give Johnson the pretext to stand outside Downing Street, decry the bad behaviour of MPs and go to the country on a “don’t let politicians steal Brexit” ticket before 31 October – which increasingly looks like the government’s real first preference, rather than pursuing a no-deal Brexit with such a fragile parliamentary majority.
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