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Free classes on controlling bleeding in emergency situations. This is important - accidents, terrorist attacks, animal attacks, etc - you never know when uncontrolled bleeding will present itself.
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4 days ago by daguti
Making stuff from scratch in the wild
Making stuff from scratch in the wild
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6 days ago by pafren
Preppers Shop UK, UK Prepper Supplies, Outdoor & Survival Shop
Preppers Shop UK is the UK's Only Prepping Supplies Shop, providing all of your emergency survival needs.
12 days ago by tonys
Winter clothing and footwear recommendations from a military survival instructor | The Loadout Room
Winter clothing and footwear recommendations from a military survival instructor - Added November 07, 2017 at 08:44PM
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12 days ago by xenocid
Gaia GPS Smartphone App | Cool Tools
"We all use GPS to navigate urban areas. But what about the backcountry? If you’re skilled with map and compass, you can, under favorable circumstances, determine your point position. But if it’s dark, you don’t recognize any landscape features, or you’re in heavy forest cover, you’re probably out of luck."
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13 days ago by daguti

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