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Nature/Nurture: Slash To The Rescue « Neuroanthropology
Entertaining - this person's so *excited* about slash and the fannish community.
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september 2011 by effex
SurveyFail redax: Downey adds to Lende « Neuroanthropology
In this particular case, for example, this subject population (the slash fans) seems extraordinarily capable of doing all sorts of things that a researcher would just love to have in any project: they’re great at doing online communication (oh man, this would uncomplicate some stages of data collection SO much), they’re opinionated, they’re eloquent, they seem to be self-reflexive and subject themselves to some pretty sophisticated introspection even without the researcher prodding with questions, they’re savvy enough to do things like create online identities (which makes the whole use of pseudonyms less problematic), some of them even seem to seek recognition so they might be interested in appearing in a book. Might. (Perhaps less likely after this whole debacle.)
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september 2011 by effex
fera_festiva: Stand back! I'm going to try ~*science*~
The survey was designed using anecdata collected from a couple of guys I met in the pub. Please note that pisspoor excuses for scientists aren't actually the focus of my research, just the source of the data. Whatever that means. The collected data will be analysed using a combination of counting on fingers, asspulls, wrongly-applied scientific terminology and guesswork.
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september 2011 by effex
daedala | SurveyFail and Cultural Appropriation
If anyone in fandom ever wonders again what is the matter with cultural appropriation? This. Is. It.
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september 2011 by effex » Wearing the Juice: A Case Study in Research Implosion
As someone looking on from outside the fan communities directly involved in this mess, the whole thing unfolds something like a live action version of the phenomenon Justin Kruger and David Dunning discuss in their “Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One’s Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments” (1999, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 77, No. 6., p. 1121-1134).  fandom  psychology  articles/essays/rants  surveyfail 
september 2011 by effex
neededalj - Tilting At Windmills: Why Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam Are Bad Scientists (Neuroscience edition, round 2)
Let's say I have neuron A, which is a retinal neuron (a neuron in the eye) and responds to a certain frequency of light. Neuron A is connected to Neurons B and C which are connected to each other, and which are connected each of them to Neurons D and E, and neuron E is connected to neuron F which is also connected to neuron B.
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september 2011 by effex
neededalj: Why Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam Are Phrenologists
Although I believe it would be edifying for our two favorite 'cognitive neuroscientists' to read this essay, they are not my audience. Rather, I write to fandom, to hopefully shed some light on why these two wankers think they have scientific validity, and why they in fact do not.  psychology  articles/essays/rants  surveyfail 
september 2011 by effex

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